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What Makes Quality House Paint More Expensive?

Sometimes a higher price does not actually get you a better product. Brand recognition and marketing strategies allow some companies to charge more money for what is essentially the same product as the cheaper varieties. In other cases, though, a pricier product is actually better, and worth the additional dollars. Which is the case when it comes to house paint? Does a higher price tag mean a better product? Do more expensive house paints actually perform better than budget varieties?

Quality house paints will necessarily cost more than low-quality paints because there are more of the important ingredients, and less fillers. The difference in the finished product can be seen in the smoothness of the finish, the consistency of the color, and the long-term endurance of the coating. Let’s examine the ingredients in a typical house paint.

Quality House Paint Ingredients

There are three main ingredients in a typical house paint. One is the solvent. This is what keeps the paint liquid while it is in the can, then evaporates as the paint dries on the wall. Most paints used now for interior and exterior house painting are latex acrylic, which uses water as the solvent. Cheaper paints have a higher proportion of water and less of the other substances that produce the finish. Acrylic paints and oil-based paints use other chemical solvents.

Another important ingredient in house paint is the pigment. This is what creates the color. Budget paints contain lower quality pigments, and sometimes clay filler. In contrast, quality house paints use a high proportion of titanium dioxide or iron oxides. These substances are safer, smoother, and have more ability to hide previous paint coats and create bold new colors.

Finally, house paints contain binders, which are the glue that holds the paint together and causes it to adhere to the wall. When you pay more for a premium house paint, you get more of those necessary binders, which means the paint will adhere better and resist wear and damage for longer.

Is Premium House Paint Worth the Cost?

We have established that quality house paints go on smoother, last longer, and provide better color coverage. Does that gain outweigh the higher cost? Most homeowners and painting companies agree: Yes, it does!

If you are a do-it-yourself painter, you want your investment of time and effort to pay off. You spend all that time prepping, protecting, painting, and cleaning up afterwards. If a few extra dollars per can of paint will give you more pleasing results and last more years between paint jobs, it is absolutely worth it!

On the other hand, if you hire a house painting contractor, the paint itself is only a minor portion of the cost. In this case also, you can pay a fraction more in the short term, and enjoy the superior results for a longer time. Either way, the investment pays off!

Southington Painting

At Southington Painting, we believe in quality craftsmanship. This involves every step of the house painting process, from the first time we lay down a drop cloth until the moment we drive away. We use excellent tools and precise techniques, never cutting corners in our work. As part of our passion for quality, we always recommend using superior paints from reputable companies.

For more than 40 years, Connecticut residents have trusted Southington Painting for their interior and exterior painting needs. We also offer drywall services, carpentry, kitchen cabinet painting, epoxy garage floor coatings, and much more. To schedule your free house painting estimate, use our scheduling tool (below) or contact our office. We look forward to meeting you!

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