There are many benefits that come with installing epoxy flooring. This floor coating is durable, cost-saving and extremely practical. At Southington Painting, we pride ourselves in offering you this floor coating service with the same skill, and attention to detail, that has set us apart since 1979.

Benefits of epoxy flooring in your garage or basement


Epoxy floor coatings are affordable, especially when you compare the cost per square foot against other types of flooring.

Since epoxy can be installed right over concrete, this reduces the cost as the labor is less intensive.


When looking for a floor coating, you want to focus on resistance. Epoxy floor coatings are resistant to pretty much everything. It will protect your floors from oil, gasoline, bleach, transmission fluid, cleaners and other things commonly found in garages and basements.

In addition, these coatings are also heat and water-resistant! Protect your concrete from the elements.


A properly installed epoxy floor coating is practically indestructible. This coating is able to withstand foot traffic in a busy garage, chemical spills, and repeated cleanings.

Easy to Clean

Cement floors are often located in places like basements and garages. These floors get dirty, fast! Because this floor coating is water and chemical-resistant, it means that cleaning your floors will be a breeze.

Routinely clean your epoxy floors with a broom, mop squeegee or even a Shop-Vac to keep your space clean and free of dirt and debris.


On its own, an epoxy floor coating provides traction. However, you can add a textured finish or even a non-slip coating for an added level of protection.

Protect your concrete. Our epoxy floor coating system is an affordable and efficient way to increase the longevity and durability of your concrete floors.


Epoxy floor coatings come in a myriad of color and texture options. These choices provide you with a flawless, smooth, elegant coating for your space.

Man Caves and She Spaces need special customization. Because of the flexibility and variety, epoxy floor coatings can be laid down in a personalized pattern or design!

If you have a space that is feeling dark or small, this floor coating will visually open the space. By adding a high gloss finish, our floor coatings will reflect the light and brighten the entire area.

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