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Is It Worth It to Hire an Exterior Painting Company?

There are many situations in which some people choose to save money by doing something themselves, when others prefer not to. Some cut their hair at home, while others go to a barber. Some change their own oil, while others leave it to a mechanic. What about when it comes to exterior painting for your Connecticut home? Is it worth it to hire an exterior painting company? Or are you just as well off doing it yourself?

It cannot be denied that you save money by doing the exterior painting yourself, just as you can by cutting your own hair and changing your own oil. The question is, what are the tradeoffs? What are all the factors to consider? Are there hidden costs or difficulties that make exterior painting less desirable as a do-it-yourself option?

Financial Comparison: Painting Contractor vs. DIY

At first it seems obvious that doing the exterior painting yourself will be far cheaper than hiring an exterior painting company. After all, you pay for the paint either way, but when you do it yourself, you don’t have to pay for the labor. It is true that when you hire a Connecticut house painter, the bulk of the cost is for the labor, not the paint.

That said, there are other cost factors to consider. What else would you have to buy in order to do the exterior painting yourself? Do you already have the quality paint brushes, paint rollers, roller covers, roller trays, tape, plastic, drop cloths, ladders, wire brushes, putty knives, spackle, and other sundries that it takes to do a good job? If not, you need to plan on purchasing more than just a few cans of paint.

Quality and Longevity of the Exterior Paint Job

The quality of the paint job is another important factor to keep in mind. Exterior painting requires skill and experience to do a good job. Every little step of surface preparation, every stroke of the brush and pass of the roller determine how long your exterior paint job will last. You are likely to find that a professional paint job lasts several more years than a do-it-yourself job, again reducing the overall savings of doing it yourself.

Another aspect of the quality is the appearance. When the exterior paint job is done by experienced professionals, you will see the difference. It shows up in sharp, clean, straight lines and edges. It is apparent in smooth surfaces and uniform color distribution. It is clear in the overall beauty and attractiveness of the home exterior.

How Much Time Do You Have?

When you don’t have all the tools ready at hand and a well-rehearsed system for painting, it can take a serious investment of time to paint your home exterior. Just the trips to the store can add up surprisingly, plus all the time of setting up each area, moving equipment, protecting nearby surfaces, repairing and preparing your surfaces, priming, painting, cleaning up…

Many people with jobs, families, responsibilities and social engagements find that hiring an exterior painting contractor is worth the extra cost because of the significant amount of time it saves them.

Safety Considerations

When you rarely use ladders, it can be a precarious prospect to get up on one. In order to use them safely, you need to be experienced in how to set them up, how to climb them with tools in your hands, how to stand, how far you can lean, how high you can reach, and how not to let the ladder damage the house. During exterior painting, the process is even more fraught because of soft and uneven ground and because of obstacles to avoid.

Hiring a professional Connecticut house painter takes all those concerns off your shoulders. House painters are thoroughly trained in safety techniques and precautions, and they have lengthy experience in applying those techniques.

Southington Painting

The simple truth is that exterior painting companies exist because so many homeowners find it worthwhile to hire them, rather than tackling the job themselves. If you are looking for a local painting contractor in Connecticut, we encourage you to try Southington Painting. For over four decades, we have been providing exceptional customer service and premium exterior painting to our Connecticut clients.

In addition to exterior painting, we also offer interior painting, kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing, drywall services, epoxy floor coatings, wallpaper services, and more. Contact our office or use our online scheduling tool to arrange your free exterior painting estimate today!

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