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Interior Painting Tips: Cozy Colors for Holiday Hosting

When guests arrive for the holidays, we go out of our way to make them feel welcome, and to give them a pleasant sensory experience. This might involve music, and of course it includes the food. But the visual atmosphere is also a powerful way to create the guest experience you are looking for. What are some interior paint colors you can use to make people feel welcome in your home? How can your house painting make holiday hosting cozy and comfortable?

Let’s take a look at three different parts of the home, and some paint color ideas for hosting in each one of them.

The Entry: Painting for First Impressions

While your guests are not going to spend much time in your entryway, this is the first area they see, and it is worth giving it some thought. The front door is a great place for a bold color that gives a touch of individuality and life to the entrance. Deep red, slate blue, and sage or forest green are all popular, but there are many more paint colors to choose from!

Upon entering, greet your guests with a bright space. Entryways do best with light colors, and since they connect to other nearby spaces, neutral tones are a typical choice. That does not have to make it boring, though! Warm gray, khaki, light blue, mint green, and many other colors will do nicely. The most important thing is that the paint is clean, fresh, and tidy.

A Lively Space: Painting for Energetic Entertaining

Where will your guests gather for socializing? Where would you like to foster a sense of exuberance and cheer? Is it the kitchen? The dining room? The living room? To make a space conducive for lively chatter, choose warm colors.

Warm colors include yellow, red, and orange, but don’t think of those as just the basic colors on a child’s lunchbox or a superhero’s uniform. Each color has a myriad of variations, and they can be extremely subtle and classy. In addition to warm colors, some paint colors that we think of as cool actually have a lot of energy to them, like electric blue or lime green.

Admittedly, some of these colors sound like they could be a bit overwhelming! However, you don’t need to paint a whole room with these colors in order to achieve the effect you desire. Bold colors can be used as accents, maybe on a single wall, or just on the lower portion of a wall.

Tranquil Tones: Harmonious House Painting

Not every hosting event is intended for exuberant banter. Sometimes, the goal is reflective conversation and emotional closeness. The spaces for this might be a living room or family room. This atmosphere is created with cooler tones, such as blues and greens, or with neutrals such as brown or gray.

Another place for these kinds of cozy paint colors is in the guest room and guest bath. Give your guests a haven, a sense of a tranquil retreat, with those cool or neutral hues.

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