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How Often Should My Home Exterior Be Repainted in Connecticut?

From the oil in your car to the water filter in your fridge, periodic maintenance is an expected part of life. When it comes to caring for your home, the exterior paint doesn’t need attention nearly as often as those items, but we also can’t forget about it. How do you know when to add exterior painting to your to-do list? How long should exterior paint last in Connecticut?

In most cases, a Connecticut homeowner can expect to repaint their home exterior every 5-7 years. In some cases, this can stretch up to 10 years, if the prior coat of paint is holding up well.

Why Waiting Too Long Will Cost You More

While it is tempting to wait as long as possible before repainting your home exterior, this can end up costing you more money than it saves. This is because once your exterior house paint has begun to fail, you can’t simply put new paint over it. Instead, you need to remediate the damage, or your new paint will fail right along with the old stuff.

Remediating failed house paint could include:

  • Replacing rotted wood
  • Interior mildew/mold treatment
  • Scraping off all loose/failed paint
  • Priming all bare wood surfaces

On the other hand, if you repaint any areas with worn or faded paint before the failure has begun, the new exterior paint job will be much less difficult and expensive.

How to Get More Years out of an Exterior Paint Job

When you consider the cost of exterior painting, it definitely makes sense to get the longest life out of every paint job. How can you achieve an exterior paint job that will survive more seasons here in Connecticut?

Some factors are out of your hands. If the wood surface underneath is deteriorating (cracking, splitting, warping, getting loose fibers), new paint will tend to have a shorter lifespan. Additionally, if previous paint jobs were done poorly, that can continue to affect future paint jobs.

That said, there is much you can do to maximize the life of your exterior paint job.

Surface preparation is key in any exterior (or interior) painting project. This involves a thorough cleaning of the surfaces, repair of any substrate damage, and priming of any areas where paint adhesion is questionable.

Purchasing quality exterior paint might initially seem like a more expensive route, but with the superior ingredients it contains, it actually saves you money by extending the life of your paint job.

Effective caulking is another significant factor in the health and longevity of exterior paint. Caulk seals out moisture wherever there are joints, such as around windows and doors.

Finally, yearly paint maintenance is a vital part of extending the life of your exterior paint. Pressure washing keeps the paint looking fresh and clean, plus it removes mildew and other contaminants. Touch-up painting of trouble spots also helps you delay the need for a full exterior repaint.

Southington Painting

The best way to keep your home beautiful and protected is with professional house painting services. For homeowners in Connecticut, Southington Painting is a name you can rely on for exceptional customer service and quality exterior painting. We also offer drywall services, interior painting, kitchen cabinet painting, epoxy floor coatings, and more.

Since 1979, Southington Painting has been earning a stellar reputation in Connecticut. As a family owned and operated business, we care about doing what is best by your family. Use our online scheduling tool or contact our office to arrange your free painting estimate today!

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