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How Interior Painting Can Make a Small Room Feel Bigger

Even if you don’t normally suffer from claustrophobia, a Connecticut winter can start to make anyone long for a bit more elbow room! While that cooped-up feeling could make some people daydream about home additions or major renovations, most of us are not ready for a project of that magnitude. Thankfully, interior painting can help! In fact, there are numerous ways in which interior house paint can make a small room feel bigger.

Intense Paint Colors Feel Closer

The first thing to keep in mind is that dark or bold paint colors feel nearer. This gives people the impression that the walls are closer, and thus the room feels smaller. The solution, then, is to use lighter colors or less intense shades of paint colors on your interior walls.

Light neutral colors (white, tan, beige, light gray) are some of the best options for making your room feel more spacious. However, you are not limited to these. For example, very light shades of blue, green, or yellow can also make excellent choices.

With lighter interior paint colors on your walls, the borders of the room will feel farther away, giving you the sense of spaciousness you crave!

Make the Ceiling Seem Taller

While the spacing of the walls is a significant factor in how big a room feels, the height of the ceiling is also important. Here are a few tips for pushing the ceiling upward, at least visually:

  • Use flat paint. Though ceiling paint is typically flat (no reflectiveness or sheen), some people like using shinier paints on their ceilings. This is a stylish choice, but not if you want the ceiling to appear taller.
  • Use a lighter version of the wall color on the ceiling. This tricks the eye in two ways. By using the same color as what is on the walls, the contrast between wall and ceiling is reduced. Also, by using a lighter version of the wall color, the ceiling feels farther away.
  • Use white crown molding. Again, white feels more distant, so it is a good choice for color. More importantly, the crown molding draws the eyes upward, giving the room an appearance of greater height.

Work with a Professional House Painting Company

For many people who consider hiring an interior house painter, the motivation is to save time and ensure professional results. An additional advantage, however, is that you can get expert insights regarding your color choices.

Homeowners in Connecticut have trusted Southington Painting for over four decades, because we provide color expertise, dedicated customer service, and exceptional painting. In addition to interior painting, we also offer exterior painting, drywall services, epoxy flooring, kitchen cabinet painting, and more. Contact us today, and let us help you make your spaces feel more spacious!

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