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Will the Rain Delay my Exterior Painting Project?

If you have scheduled an exterior painting project for your home, we understand that it is a big deal. After all, we paint every day, but for you as the homeowner, this is not just another day at the office. You are investing hard-earned money to take care of the health and appearance of your home, so naturally, you are anxious to have it done well, and done soon. But what about those rain clouds on the horizon, or that prediction of scattered thundershowers that popped up on your phone? Will rain end up delaying your house painting?

Unfortunately, rainy weather will cause delays, and sometimes, the delays will last longer than you would expect.

Why One Day of Rain Might Mean More Than a One-Day Delay

While timeliness is one of our highest priorities, we care even more about providing you with a paint job that will last. That is why we will not paint a home when the conditions are not suitable. One of those necessary conditions is that the house siding be thoroughly dry.

Depending on what type of siding you have, and what condition that siding is in, your house will absorb some moisture when it rains. If there is heavy rain with driving winds, there will be even more water forced into your siding.

After the return of dry weather, we generally can’t come back the very next day to begin (or continue) the painting project. Even though we are just as eager as you are for the work to continue, we need to wait until the moisture has evaporated from your siding. In humid or cloudy weather, that could take a couple of days.

Keep Communicating

If unfortunate weather is going to cause any delays in your house painting project, we will make it a priority to keep you updated with the shifting schedule. Please be patient with us; if we could control the weather, we would! As it is, we do our absolute best to bring you reliable, timely, top-quality painting services. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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