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Why Should I Get an Epoxy Floor Coating in My Garage?

Some needs are obvious. For example, your car needs gas, and your lawn needs mowing. Sometimes, though, we are not really aware of a need until something brings it to our attention. As an example, is epoxy flooring for your garage something you need? Is it just for looks, or does it provide some tangible benefit? Why should you consider an epoxy floor coating in your garage?


There are five main benefits to consider when you evaluate whether or not you need an epoxy coating on the floor of your garage:

Epoxy Garage Floors Resist Deterioration

Anyone who uses their garage knows how they can take a beating, from spills involving paint or oil, to the imprints left from car tires, to the impact when a heavy object falls. One of the main reasons your Connecticut home can benefit from an epoxy floor coating in the garage is the way it resists this kind of damage. The epoxy surface is sealed to inhibit the absorption of typical liquids, so you are far less likely to end up with permanent stains on your floor.

Epoxy floor coatings are also hard and durable, helping to protect against physical damage and wear (scratches, gouges, dents) far better than other types of flooring or paint.

Easy to Clean

Unlike concrete, which can be rough, pitted, and difficult to clean, epoxy floor coatings are a breeze to sweep or mop. Whether you are sweeping up sawdust from a project or scrubbing tracks from a muddy bicycle, garage floors coated in epoxy make the job easy!

Slip Resistant

Everyone is concerned about safety around the home, which is why many people wonder if epoxy garage floors tend to be slippery. In reality, epoxy floor coatings are designed with safety in mind, to avoid being slippery. Furthermore, there are formulas and additives that you can apply to give extra slip resistance to your epoxy garage floor.


While nobody is going to want to put a frame on your garage floor and hang it on the wall, there is still a pleasant, attractive look to an epoxy coating. It can instantly make the whole garage look cleaner, newer, and more of a place to spend time. Also, because of its durability, an epoxy floor coating will continue to provide this fresh appearance long after it is applied.

Resale Value

No, the epoxy floor coating in your garage is not going to be at the top of the list of features your realtor emphasizes when you go to sell your home. Nevertheless, it is a real asset that helps your home appear to best advantage, both in pictures and during home tours. That epoxy coating could easily help set your home apart from other similar homes in your area.

Southington Painting

When people think about painting companies, they don’t necessarily connect them with epoxy floor coatings. After all, most house painters either don’t do them at all, or they don’t do them often (thus they are not very knowledgeable or experienced with them).

At Southington Painting, we feature epoxy garage floor coatings as one of our prominent services. To ensure you get the best quality, appearance, and value out of your epoxy floor, we emphasize thorough training and rigorous standards for our craftsmen. Just like all the interior and exterior painting services we offer to Connecticut homeowners, our epoxy coatings are held to a high standard of excellence.

In order to receive a free quote for an epoxy floor coating in your garage, call our office or use our online scheduling tool. We are happy to answer any of your questions, so that you can make a confident, well-informed decision.

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