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What Preparation Is Needed for Exterior House Painting?

Lather, then rinse… pants, then shoes… wash, then wax… cereal, then milk; we all know that the order of operations makes a big difference sometimes! What about when it comes to exterior house painting? The same concept applies. It is very important to take the right steps in the right order, so that you don’t end up with a disaster!

What are the correct steps of preparation for exterior house painting? Let’s take a look:

Step 1: Remediation

If any areas of your home exterior have suffered deterioration due to age and weather, the first step is to address them. That means that any failing paint needs to be removed, and any surfaces with rust or wood rot need to be repaired.

Failing paint could include a number of symptoms, including bubbling or blistering, cracking, peeling, flaking, or chalking. If the failing exterior paint is not properly remediated, it will continue to fail under the new coat of paint, causing certain disaster!

Moderate rust can be treated by sanding or scraping with a wire brush, but severe rust may require replacement or repair by a professional welder. This depends on the type of surface and the depth of the rust. If there is wood rot, the affected areas should be cut out and new wood installed. Some painting companies offer carpentry services, allowing this remedial work to be completed without the need for a separate contractor.

Step 2: Cleaning

Have you ever had the experience where you thought something looked clean, until you actually cleaned one part of it and saw the contrast? For most of us, our home exteriors are like that. They collect all kinds of surface contaminants, from pollen and dust to air pollution and mildew. If you try to paint a surface like this without washing it, the paint will not adhere well or look its best.

Before painting your home exterior, always wash it gently, but thoroughly. This can be done with a long-handled scrub brush and a garden hose, or with a pressure washer. Using a pressure washer can be more difficult than it looks, with a high potential for property damage or personal injury, so it is best left to a professional house painter.

Step 3: Protection

In order to protect nearby surfaces from damage, you will want to use painter’s tape and drop cloths to cover them up. Be careful and methodical with your taping, as this will provide you with crisp, straight lines. You can use plastic sheeting to cover windows and fixtures, but don’t use them over your plants, since this could smother or burn them. Tarps are useful for covering walkways, stairs, or driveways. Be sure to cover everything you wouldn’t want to get paint on!

Step 4: Priming

Prior to exterior painting, it is a good idea to prime the surfaces if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • You are making a dramatic change in color
  • There is bare wood or bare metal due to repairs
  • You are painting over a glossy surface
  • There are stains on the surface that you wish to cover

Primer only needs to be put on the surfaces that are described above. If just one small area is repaired or stained, you only need to prime that area. However, if the whole house is going to change color significantly, all of it will need priming.

Time for Exterior Painting!

Once you have thoroughly prepared the house, you are ready to paint! Fortunately, you will find that the preparation is usually the laborious part, and the painting actually goes rather quickly. However, don’t spoil the job by rushing now. Continue to be careful and methodical in all your work.

Should I Hire a Professional House Painter?

For a committed do-it-yourselfer, there is definitely money to be saved by completing the exterior painting on your own. However, many homeowners will find that the necessary commitment of time and effort is more than they can spare. Hiring a professional house painter is much safer, faster, and easier for the homeowner, allowing you to relax and enjoy the transformation!

In addition to the savings in work and stress, hiring a local house painter gives you peace of mind. Reputable painters have insurance in case of mishaps, and they provide a guarantee on their work, so that you know you are protected for years to come. Finally, you are sure of beautiful, long-lasting results when you work with a respected painting contractor.

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