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Popular fall interior paint colors!

Here’s what’s trending…

First of all, we have some good news. One of the things that’s trending right now is an almost “anything goes” mentality toward interior paint color choices. This falls right in line with our best color selection advice: pick colors you’re going to love and enjoy every day.

A couple of years ago white and gray were all the rage, but now we’re seeing deeper, earthier colors leading the way, and even some super dark and bold options too. SO much to choose from. But all of that doesn’t really help you pick a color, does it? Let’s drill down a little deeper into a few specifics.

Start with the top paint colors of 2022

This article from Better Homes & Gardens shares every 2022 color of the year, all in one handy slideshow. Start clicking/swiping through and see what resonates with you. You’ll definitely see a trend though that leans toward natural, calming colors.

We’re even seeing green kitchen cabinets a lot these days! Click over to this cabinet painting project spotlight for a closer look.

Choose paint colors based on nature

Building on what we just shared above, you can’t go wrong with earthy greens, yellows, blues, and browns. A dual benefit here is that these types of colors have been shown to promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Ideal for really any room, right? Color psychology is a powerful thing and should be factored into your color selection process.

Don’t be afraid to go bold

And by “bold” we don’t just mean bright, but deep and dark. In fact, super dark accent colors are really popular these days. Maybe paint those built-ins a dark gray or even black (paired with some brass hardware), or go all-in with a more daring accent wall.


Play around with undertones in your interior paint colors

Undertones are those other hints of color that come through. For example, you might pick black for those built-ins we mentioned, but the specific black you pick might have some gray, blue, or even green undertones that are oh-so-subtle. This is a fun way to incorporate more color and character without actually using any additional paint colors.

Contrast is your friend

Sticking with our super dark accent example, let’s go a little further. Don’t be afraid to surround that accent with lighter, contrasting color. This only adds power to all the paint you’re working with, making the accents more stark and the complementary colors more effective. Monochromatic palettes where one color flows into the next with very little variation just isn’t as popular as it once was.

Play it safe with warmer neutral paint colors

Don’t want to ride out the paint color trends, and would prefer to stick with a proven winner? We get that. Our recommendation in that case would be to work with warm, neutral colors. They just never go out of style, and they also play very well with others. In other words, you can add decorations, accent colors, and other focal points without worrying about clashing. That’s about as practical as it gets!


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