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Painting Tips for a Study Area or a Home Office

We live in a wired world, a connected culture, an electronic existence, which means that many of us work from home these days. Some people split their time between their office and their home, while others spend all their time at home. Even for those who don’t do any paid work from the house, a home office is a great place for studying or reading for pleasure. If you have (or are planning to create) a home office or a study area, here are some interior painting tips to help it turn out great!

Paint Color Choices for a Home Office

One of the great things about working from home is that you get to define your own environment, so your wall colors can be free from the corporate neutrals that dominate typical offices. However, before you go crazy with imaginative color choices, there are some paint color concepts that you will want to keep in mind.

First, you definitely want to avoid paint colors that tend to cause anxiety. These would include red (associated with a teacher’s grading pen), bright yellow (too energetic, like living inside a highlighter), and lively orange (which makes us think of construction zones and road delays).

Instead, your office should use paint colors that promote the state of mind you crave. If you tend to be high-strung, then soft blues, browns or greens can help you calm down and focus. Are you more of a low-key person, and you need a bit of a boost? Use warmer or more energetic tones, like yellow, orange, lime green, or turquoise. Are you looking for creativity? Purple is great for this!

Accent Walls Are Excellent for Offices!

If you decide to go with a calmer paint color for your main interior walls, an accent wall is a wonderful way to bring in a burst of energy and visual interest. Especially if you choose a color like tan, gray, beige or light blue for your office, a contrasting, bold, bright color makes a great choice to liven up the space without overwhelming the senses.

Use Eco-Friendly, Zero-VOC Paints

As paint companies have improved and updated their formulas, there are now fantastic interior paints that are virtually odorless. These zero-VOC paint products are more eco-friendly, and they promote healthier indoor air quality. That way, you can enjoy the new colors without needing to endure the smell of paint!

Southington Painting

Are you ready to paint your home office or study space? If so, Southington Painting is ready to help! For a relatively small project like a home office, we can usually be in and out in 1 or 2 days, getting you back to work and enjoying the new environment in no time!

Southington Painting has been serving Connecticut since 1979, offering interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, deck maintenance, epoxy floor coatings, carpentry, and drywall and wallpaper services. Contact us for a free estimate to paint your home office today!

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