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Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Refinishing in Connecticut - Project Photos!

The kitchen is one of the most-used areas of the home, whether you have guests for a special occasion, or it is simply your normal family routines. When you spend that much time in one room, you want it to be pleasant and attractive! Considering the high cost of replacing older kitchen cabinets, painting or refinishing them is a great alternative.

Here are some before and after photos of a recent cabinet painting project we did here in Connecticut, showcasing the skills and dedication of our craftsmen!

Before and After: Kitchen Cabinet Painting


In order to achieve a transformation like this, it takes more than just a coat of paint. Here are the steps (in a slightly simplified form):

  • Remove all drawers and cabinet doors, and remove all hardware (hinges, pulls, knobs).
  • Prepare surfaces for painting by cleaning them and de-glossing the previous finish.
  • Protect the area to prevent paint from getting where it doesn’t belong.
  • Apply an odorless, oil-based primer.
  • Apply a specialty cabinet paint topcoat.
  • Replace outdated hardware with new hardware and reinstall drawers and doors.
  • Tidy up the work area.
  • Unveil the finished project to the astonished homeowners!


One of the great things about cabinet painting is that when it is well done, everything else in the kitchen looks newer and better. The floor, the appliances, the countertops… look how new and beautiful they all appear with those freshly-painted cabinets surrounding them!

Is Cabinet Painting a Good DIY Project?

For a very experienced do-it-yourselfer who has plenty of time and patience, cabinet painting or refinishing can be a good project. However, if cabinet painting is done improperly, using incorrect techniques or unsuitable coatings, it will be a disaster. The finish will not look professional, and the paint will fail prematurely. This can make your kitchen look worse than it did before you started the project. A professional painting company will be able to complete the project faster, with more attractive results, and with an enduring finish.

Southington Painting

For homeowners in Connecticut, Southington Painting is the name you can trust for premium quality painting results and exceptional customer service. In addition to cabinet painting and refinishing, we offer interior painting, exterior painting, drywall services, deck refinishing, and much more! Contact our office or use our online scheduling tool to set up your free estimate for house painting services. You will be glad you did!

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