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Is It Worth It to Pay More for Premium Exterior Paint?

The phrase, “You get what you pay for” is commonly accepted, but is it true in every circumstance? For example, some clothing brands have hugely inflated prices, with a product that is not much different from its budget counterparts, while the most beautiful views and sunsets are free! What about with exterior paint: do you get what you pay for? Is it a good investment to pay more for premium exterior paint?

Yes! Take it from the paint experts, from those who have seen paint that endures beautifully and paint that fails disastrously: high-quality exterior paint is worth the higher cost! Why? Great question!

Paint Quality: It’s All About the Ingredients

The best restaurants don’t become popular just because they have better recipes. They also use fresher, higher-quality ingredients. Just like you can taste the difference when you eat a meal made with better ingredients, you can see the difference when you use premium exterior paint.

Exterior paint has four main ingredients: solvents, binders, pigments and additives. The solvents are what keep it in a liquid form until it is drying on the painted surface, the binders hold the paint together and bind it to the surface, and the pigments give it color. The additives provide extra characteristics such as scuff resistance, mildew prevention, or sag resistance.

Premium exterior paints don’t just use higher-quality solvents, binders, pigments and additives, but they also include a higher proportion of them. This provides better curing and paint adhesion, more consistent, enduring color, and a longer-lasting paint job.

Calculating the Return on Investment

Budget paints will save you money in the short term, but do those savings actually amount to a better investment? When you have your home painted by a local house painter, the actual paint is only a small portion of the cost. The difference between paying for budget paints versus premium exterior paints is negligible in the scope of the project.

That small cost difference is vastly outweighed by the advantages of the premium paint. When you use high-quality exterior paint, your house will look better for longer, and it will be protected through more seasons. This means you can wait more time before you paint your home exterior again. As an overall investment, you do far better to pay a little more up-front for excellent paint.

Southington Painting

Another factor that influences your return on investment is the painting company you hire. When your local house painter has excellent customer service and excellent craftsmanship, this has several benefits:

  • A pleasant, smooth exterior painting experience
  • Helpful staff
  • More pleasing results
  • A longer-lasting paint job
  • Peace of mind
  • A written warranty on labor and materials

As a multi-generational Connecticut painting company, Southington Painting offers all these benefits to our clients. Since 1979, we have established a reputation for exceptional customer service and exquisite painting results. We offer interior and exterior painting, carpentry, drywall services, cabinet refinishing and much more.

Call our office or use our online scheduling tool to request a free painting estimate for your home exterior. We are excited to meet you!

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