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House Painting Tips to Sell Your Home

Selling your Connecticut home can be a complicated process, between the paperwork and the preparations, not to mention the showings and negotiations. In order to get the best price and a quick sale, many people wonder if they should do some house painting before it is listed. This is a great idea, and if you do it wisely, it can really pay off!

Painting your home before you sell it provides several great advantages:

  • The surfaces look fresh, clean and inviting
  • The overall look of the home is newer
  • The colors and styles are appealing
  • The buyer feels like the home is ready to move into

Before you grab a paintbrush or sign a contract with a house painting company, here are two tips to help you get the most out of your pre-sale painting.

Use Colors that Are Long-term Trends

In their zeal to make their homes look stylish and up-to-date, some homeowners paint with colors straight out of the latest designer showrooms or online trends. There are two potential problems with this.

First, these trends tend to come and go every six to twelve months. What is hot right now can quickly feel like last year’s news, and that might not appeal to homebuyers.

Second, the latest trendy colors might be eye-catching and new, but they could be a little too much for many home seekers. Just like not everyone wants to wear the clothes that models are showing off on fashion runways, not everyone wants to live in a cutting edge showroom.

The best colors to use if you paint your home for selling are ones that show long-term popularity. Neutrals such as tan, beige and gray are very popular, especially for interior painting. White is also a clear classic, as well as light blues and greens.

That said, it also helps to have some pops of stronger, bolder colors. This can be safely achieved with accent pieces like area rugs, artwork, lamps, throw pillows, table runners, and so on. That way, even if the homebuyers don’t like the accent colors, they know they are easily replaced.

Quality Painting Makes All the Difference

Nobody is fooled by a cheap, quick paint job. In fact, if your house painting shows evidence of shoddy workmanship, it can actually be worse than not painting at all. If a potential buyer sees any of the following signs of sloppy work, it will definitely cause them to doubt the overall quality of your home:

  • Paint splatters and drips on floors, windows, walkways, etc.
  • Dirt, dust-bunnies and other gunk that was painted over rather than washed away prior to painting
  • Thin and uneven coloration on walls
  • Wavy, irregular seams and joints
  • Drips and runs on walls and vertical trim

On the other hand, a quality paint job will make your house shine in every direction, assuring the potential buyer that the house has been well cared for. A quality interior or exterior paint job begins with cleaning the walls, repairing all damaged surfaces, and priming where necessary. It includes multiple coats of high-quality paint. Good house painting is evident by the clean, straight lines at all seams, and the even color coverage. Finally, a good painter never leaves drips or splashes behind.

Southington Painting

If you are thinking of selling your Connecticut home, now is a great time to do so! As you begin your preparations, Southington Painting would love to help you get your home looking fantastic! We can help you with choosing the best colors for your home, as well as the higher and lower priority rooms and surfaces to get the most out of your investment.

Since 1979, Southington Painting has been serving Connecticut with unbeatable customer service and uncompromising quality. In addition to interior and exterior painting, we also offer carpentry, drywall services, epoxy floor coatings, wallpaper removal, and more. Use our scheduling tool or call our office to arrange your free house painting estimate today!

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