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Excellent Kitchen Paint Colors

Few areas of the home are as central to family life as the kitchen. Even when we have visitors from outside the immediate family, the kitchen is often the hub of all activity. That makes your kitchen painting very important, as it sets the mood for so much of your life! As you ponder what paint colors would make excellent choices for your kitchen, here are a few ideas.

Contrast the Cabinets

In a typical kitchen, the cabinets take up a lot of the real estate, leaving little visible wall space remaining. This being the case, it is a great idea to paint the walls a bold color that contrasts significantly with your cabinets. Why is that?

First of all, the bold wall color will make your cabinets really pop, visually speaking, so that they truly become a showpiece. However, the same is true in reverse; the walls that normally fade into the background behind and between all those cabinets will be highlighted and enhanced by their contrast with the cabinets.

If your cabinets are painted white, you can hardly go wrong with your contrasting color. Bell-pepper red, sage green, dutch-oven blue, or even caviar black could all be beautiful contrast colors. Citrus orange or lime green go even more adventurous, while milk chocolate or dark chocolate would provide a more stately milieu.

Eat-in Kitchen Paint Ideas

If the walls of your kitchen continue uninterrupted into an eating area, it means your color choice will cover a lot more surface area. If you are leaning toward a bolder hue, this might cause you to hesitate; will it be too overwhelming?

Wainscoting is an excellent solution for this kind of situation. You can use a neutral color, typically white, on the wainscoting on the lower portion of the wall. That way, your contrasting color can cover the upper portion of the wall without overwhelming the room.

Open-concept Floor Plans

When the kitchen is self-contained (meaning it is not easily visible from other rooms in the house), you can be quite free to choose colors without worrying about matching the rest of the home interior. However, if you have a floor plan that gives you visibility of the kitchen from other rooms, you want to make sure your colors coordinate well.

This does not mean your kitchen color needs to be the same as the rest of your living area. The main concern is that it creates a pleasing pair with your other colors, including the furniture and artwork.

Try It On!

If you are considering a new kitchen paint color, one great way to try it out is to get a small sample and actually paint it on the wall. Consider how it looks in various lightings, and how it matches (or doesn’t) with the rest of your home. Some house painting contractors will apply a paint sample like this for you. Otherwise, you can buy a little of the paint yourself, and apply it in a highly-visible area.

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When your kitchen is ready for a new flavor, Southington Painting is ready to serve! We have been providing top-quality house painting services to Connecticut since 1979, including interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, drywall and wallpaper services, and deck maintenance. Call us for a free estimate for painting your kitchen, and find out how the center of your home can be transformed!

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