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Do You Have to Use Flat Paint on Ceilings? Interior Painting Advice

Look up. What do you see? Assuming you are inside, you are probably looking at painted drywall. In most cases here in Connecticut, it is probably painted a flat white. Why is this? Do ceilings have to be white? Do they need to be painted with flat paint? What other options are there for painting ceilings?

Those are fantastic questions! Let’s begin by taking a look at why ceilings are typically painted with a flat white paint, and then we will discuss other (more interesting) options.

Why Use Flat Paint On Ceilings?

Flat paint is specifically formulated to not have any sheen, or reflectiveness, in it. While eggshell and satin have some sheen, and semi-gloss and gloss paints have a lot of reflectiveness, flat paints avoid this. Why are ceilings usually painted with flat interior house paint?

Probably the biggest reason to use flat paints on ceilings is that it does not draw attention. Flat paint does not reflect light, so it does not catch your eye. This allows the walls to be more of a focal point in your room.

A side benefit to using flat paint on ceilings is that it hides flaws. When you use a reflective paint, little imperfections in the surface tend to stand out more. If you have a glossy paint on the ceiling, it can tend to highlight and draw attention to blemishes you would rather not focus on.

Regarding the color white, it is the most popular choice in Connecticut because it is bright and fresh, it causes the ceiling to feel higher up than other colors would, and because it naturally matches with everything.

Can You Use Other Paint Sheens on a Ceiling?

Certain rooms can benefit from using a glossier paint sheen on the ceiling. This can be done in rooms that are intended to be more showy, like a formal dining room or a trendy sitting room. You only want to use reflective interior paints on a ceiling if it is one that makes an attractive showpiece. It should be a ceiling with a pleasing regularity in the architecture and elegant light fixtures.

In order to use non-flat paints on a ceiling, you need to make sure the drywall is very smooth. A slightly reflective house paint, such as satin finish, would require extra attention to achieve a high level of smoothness. If you were to use semi-gloss or a high-gloss finish, you would need the drywall to be finished to an exceptional level. This can be done with an expert application of a thin layer of drywall mud, referred to as skim coating.

Can I Paint the Ceiling Other Colors besides White?

Many different rooms can be favorably altered by painting the ceiling a color other than white. Like using glossy paints, this draws more attention to the ceiling. There are many options for choosing colors, but one of the most pleasing trends is to use a lighter or darker shade of your wall color. This ties the room together nicely.

Another option for the ceiling paint color is to use a neutral tone such as gray, beige, brown, or even black. Just keep in mind that the darker you go, the closer the ceiling will feel. If your ceilings are an average height (or lower), it is best to use a lighter color on the ceiling than you do on the walls.

Southington Painting

If you would like to explore your options for painting a ceiling something other than flat white, Southington Painting would love to help you. Because we offer drywall services, including skim coating, we can help you achieve the smoothness you need to make your ceiling a true masterpiece! In addition to our interior painting services, we also provide wallpaper removal, kitchen cabinet painting, epoxy floor coatings, exterior painting, and much more.

Since 1979, Southington Painting has been serving Connecticut with excellence. We emphasize attentive customer service and expert craftsmanship, all offered at a reasonable price. In order to get your free estimate for painting services, please call our office or use our online scheduling tool. We are excited to begin working with you!.

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