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Can I Paint My Brick Chimney?

Many people love the classic, sturdy look of brick on their homes. But what if you are not one of those people? What if the sight of brick leaves you feeling like a byproduct of the industrial revolution? Or, what if you like brick, but yours is stained or deteriorated? Most of us have seen home improvement shows or photos on instagram with painted brick transformations; could you do that on your house? Specifically, can you paint your brick chimney?

When it comes to the exposed brick on the inside of your home, it is definitely paintable! Because it is protected from moisture, there is no reason not to paint your interior brick chimney. Just be sure it is really what you want, since this step is not reversible.

Can an Exterior Brick Chimney Be Painted?

Painting contractors have worked amazing transformations on brick homes throughout our area here in Connecticut, and we are happy to state with confidence that exterior brick can be painted. However, brick walls are a different question from brick chimneys.

A brick wall is somewhat protected from the elements, specifically from rain, by the overhanging eaves of the house. This makes it very unlikely that water will penetrate behind the painted surface of a brick wall, assuming the paint was applied in a professional manner.

In the case of an exterior brick chimney, the exposure to the weather is much greater. Those who make their living taking care of chimneys, such as masons and chimney sweeps, warn that when you paint a brick chimney, it can actually cause it to deteriorate. If water finds a way behind the paint, it cannot escape, and thus it remains inside the bricks and mortar. Over time, and with freezing and thawing, the bricks and mortar can begin to break down, causing a serious problem.

How to Paint Bricks

Whether you are painting interior or exterior brick, the first step is to apply a block-filler masonry primer. This thick product fills in the gaps and pores in the surface, helping to keep out water, and also providing a smoother surface for your topcoat to stick to.

Once your primer coat has dried, use a premium grade paint, being careful to choose an interior or exterior paint, as appropriate to your project.

In terms of the tools you need, a sprayer is the most effective method of getting the product into every nook and cranny. This may not be practical for a homeowner, however, so we would recommend using a brush to get paint into the joint lines between the bricks, and then a roller to get the front surfaces of the bricks. You will need a quality roller with a thick nap (in other words, with long fibers).

Professional House Painter for Brick Homes and Chimneys

If your Connecticut home is in need of painting services, we would love to speak with you! Southington Painting has been serving Connecticut (and beyond) since 1979, earning a reputation for excellent customer service and incredible painting results. Whether you want to paint your interior brick chimney, refinish your kitchen cabinets, stain your deck, or even paint your whole house, Southington Painting is ready to serve!

Contact us by phone, or use our calendar tool to schedule a free estimate at your earliest convenience. We look forward to meeting you!

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