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A Spring Checkup for Your Exterior House Paint

Why do we make regular dentist visits, even when there is no problem with our teeth? The idea is that with periodic visits for checkups and cleaning, many problems can be prevented, and others are caught before they become significant. Did you know that the same idea holds true with exterior painting? With an annual checkup, your exterior house paint can stay beautiful and healthy for much longer!

What to Look For in an Exterior Paint Checkup

Exterior house paint does not fail suddenly or without warning. By giving your paint job a yearly “once over,” you can spot problems early, allowing you to treat them before they become serious. What should you look for?

  • Fading (inconsistent color, washed out appearance, lighter areas)
  • Cracking (either in the paint or in the wood beneath)
  • Chalking (a whitish residue appearing on the surface)
  • Bubbling (small air pockets beneath the surface of the paint)
  • Peeling or flaking (places where paint has lost adhesion and is beginning to separate from the surface beneath)

If you catch these problems early, they can be treated without a lot of cost or hassle. However, if they are allowed to continue unchecked, it can lead to widespread paint failure. When this happens, the cost and effort of remediation are significant!

At the same time as you examine your exterior paint, it is also important to check the caulking. This will be in all the joints where the siding meets other surfaces such as window frames, door frames, vents, outlets, light fixtures, and so on. Look for any areas where the caulk has become brittle and cracked, or it has split or peeled away from one of the surfaces it is supposed to seal.

What to Do with Early Exterior Paint Problems

Once you have diagnosed the state of your exterior house paint, how do you deal with problems? If you have small areas where the paint is showing signs of age, you can spot treat them by painting just that wall. This is much quicker and easier than a whole house repaint, and it will extend the time before you need to redo the whole thing.

Before you apply exterior paint, always clean the wall, scrape away any failed (peeling/flaking/bubbling) paint, and prime any bare wood.

In the case of caulk failure, scrape out any brittle, loose caulk, and apply a new bead of caulk to the seam.

Help Is Always Available!

If you lack the time or inclination to do this annual spring exterior paint checkup yourself, contact your local house painting company to ask for assistance. For Connecticut residents, Southington Painting is always ready to help, whether you need a small remedial repair or a complete exterior repaint!

Besides exterior house painting, we also offer interior painting, epoxy floor coatings, kitchen cabinet painting, and much more. To receive a free assessment of your home’s exterior paint and an estimate for treatment, contact our office or use our online scheduling tool.

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