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Warm Up Your Home This Winter with Fresh Interior Paint

As we reach the peak time of year for shorter days and longer nights, the drab colors of winter can start to overtake everything. If you are feeling the blues, there are several ways to add a little warmth to your home this winter.

How is that possible? Add some warm color to your walls!

What is a warm color?

What exactly is a warm color? You may think of yellow, red and orange, and if so, you are correct! When you look at the color spectrum, warm colors have base tones of reds and yellows. These are the colors you should add to brighten your living space.

Think outside the box!

Although we immediately associate reds and yellows as warm colors, did you know that any color that has an undertone of these colors will also feel warm?

Some cool colors such as blue, green or purple have warm undertones of red or yellow. These colors with a warm base can also be used in your winter home.

Smaller equals cozier

When repainting with warm colors, remember that warm colors feel as if they come closer, or advance. This is why adding a warm color to a room will help it feel more cozy.

When you paint a room with a warm color, it will give the entire room an air of intimacy. Certain colors can evoke different emotions. Warm, rich colors are stimulating. Add warm colors to rooms with lots of activities - like a family room.

Is there such thing as too much color?

After you have decided to add a warm color to your room, you need to decide where you will put the new paint. Remember, the warmer the color, the more it will “advance” in the room.

This means that if you have chosen a warm, bright color, you might want to try the popular style of painting an accent wall. Accent walls are a great way to add a splash of color, without overwhelming the entire room.

This may be the job for a pro

If you want to warm up your home this winter, it might be time to call in a pro. Your trusted painting professionals at Southington Painting will be able to give you advice on color placement, as well as provide an experienced team of experts to get the job done right.

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