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Trending Colors for Connecticut Front Doors

Our front door can in many ways define our entire house. It is the thing that, if painted right, will catch the eye of someone walking or driving past. Our front door will also be a guest's first impression of our home as they step inside. It can be cozy, striking, elegant, or almost anything else you want! Also, it is a very easy, inexpensive painting project, considering what it can do to improve the curbside appeal of our home.  

Our front door is a place where we can really just have fun. If we choose bright blue for our siding or roof, we might get some funny looks, but not so with our front door! The trend for 2018 front doors has been decidedly bright and exciting. Here are a few of the top color picks for front doors in 2018.


Purple is the most popular color for front doors in 2018. Why not? It can be fun, elegant, energetic, welcoming, or calming, and it is certainly unique.


There are many different shades and varieties of purple; just choose one you like! One of the most popular purples this year is a mid-purple like the one pictured here. 


Black is definitely in, and it’s easy to see why. It’s classy, mysterious, distinctive and sophisticated.


You can get a blueish black, or a grayish black, or a black-black, and you could go with a matte finish, or glossy. 

Crisp White

Surprisingly, white is one of the top front door colors for 2018. You could go with an off-white like cream or light beige, but the most popular choice for white front doors is a crisp, clean white.  

White gives a clean, organized, spacious, feel to your house and front door. The only downside is its tendency to look dirty more quickly than darker colors.  

Bright Yellow

Bright yellow is one of the most fun colors out there, and now we can use it on our front doors without feeling strange! Have fun painting your door any shade of bright yellow you want!



Gray is a great door color option and very trendy right now. There are so many different grays out there! If you are looking for the most stylish option at the moment, then you might want to go with something like Granite.



Blue might be the most beautiful, versatile color out there. It can be calming, energetic, welcoming, and creative. Different blues make us think of the sky or the ocean, and it is one of the most popular front door colors for 2018!  


There are many different blues, as with any other color. The blue that’s in right now is very bright, and decidedly blue, like the one above. However, you could choose a teal, blue-gray, or purple-blue color. 

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Wow, that is a lot of color options! No matter what color you decide to use, the question remains, should you paint your front door yourself, or should you hire a professional painting contractor

Well, for the same reasons that it is important to paint your front door in the first place, it is important to paint your front door well. If you have some painting experience and equipment on-hand, plus some time to spare, the DIY approach can produce good results.

Even if all this is true of you, though, the results will likely look better and last longer if you hire a painting company to help you out (and it will save you a lot of time and energy).

Southington Painting Company

If you live in the Connecticut area and your front door (or any other part of you home) needs painting, Southington Painting Company would be happy to help you! We have served this community since 1979, and we offer a wide range of services that are at your disposal, including drywall services, pressure washing, deck maintenance, interior painting, and exterior painting.  Feel free to call us or to schedule a free estimate online right now. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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