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Is your desire to churn up a little change in your house making you feisty?

Good! The new bright and bold paint choices for bathrooms and powder rooms will fit your mood. The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in the house, but it can be the last to get your attention as you dress up the common areas in your home where your family relaxes and spends time together. BUT when it’s time it’s time, and your bathroom walls are ready for a new look. Check out these trendy new paint choices.



Black is the new black and will have your bathroom looking cool, clean, and elegant. Did you know painting a small room a dark color can actually make it look larger? Black can be used for a dramatic, opulent look or for a more casual modern farmhouse vibe. Try Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams or Black Satin by Benjamin Moore. You can try black in a gloss finish for that extra wow factor.



Don’t worry! These pinks are not from your 80’s childhood. These pinks will make it feel like a little party in your powder room every time you use it! Try Peony Benjamin Moore for a bright splash or this velvety Deep Mauve by Benjamin Moore. If you want a bit of the tropics in your spa-like bath, try Mellow Coral by Sherman Williams.



Blue is one of the most popular colors from a bathroom, but it’s time to walk away from those sweet, soft blues and lean into something darker and brighter. We like Marine Blue by Benjamin Moore, Frank Blue by Sherman Williams, or for a twist on navy, Salty Dog by Sherman WIlliams. When you are looking for a new blue, think of the sea after a storm or the sky on a fall day.



Green is one of the colors most popular with designers this year. The newest trends in green are deeper and darker, like tree shade, mossy bark, and whispery grasses. To get this newest look, try Isle of Pines by Sherman Willimas or Narragansett Green by Benjamin Moore.

With so many fantastic colors to choose from, we hope you will be inspired to give us a call and schedule an appointment today. Looking forward to talking with you!

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