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Should Pressure Washing Be Done By a Professional?

All of us here in Connecticut (and all around New England) are glad that spring is finally getting close. We all want to make our houses look nice for this new season and are looking for ways to improve them. One of the best ways to do this, even though you might not think of it right away, is pressure washing. In fact, the dirt, grime, and mildew build up so gradually that you don’t realize how dirty your house is until you pressure wash it. 

Pressure washing will improve:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Brick and stone walls
  • Wood siding, decks, patios and steps
  • Concrete driveways and walkways

To Hire Or Not To Hire...

One big question is, however, should I hire a contractor to pressure wash my house, or should I do it myself? At first, it might not seem like a hard job to do yourself, but here are a few things you might want to consider before undertaking the task of pressure washing your house.


Pressure washing is potentially dangerous if you try to do it yourself. It can cause cuts, bruises and eye damage from the spray, and even pieces of the surface being sprayed can shoot off and cause injury. Also, falling off ladders is a potential danger. Climbing ladders and handling dangerous equipment is always better left to the professionals.

The safety of your house is also key. If you attempt to pressure wash your own house,  you could end up breaking a window, damaging vinyl siding, or gouging your house, especially soft wood siding or decks. Hiring a professional to pressure wash your home prevents you from facing these risks. 

Deck Pressure Washing Connecticut


The goal of pressure washing your house is to remove any stains, dirt and mildew, so that it looks better and is cleaner. A painting contractor has the right tools to do this most effectively and workers that are trained to do this job well. They will get your house looking the best it can.


Pressure washing can be a time-consuming job when you try to do it yourself, and no one really wants to spend their time getting hot and dirty pressure washing. Hiring a professional painting company will save you time and work, so that you can spend your time doing things that you enjoy.

Professional Pressure Washers - Southington Painting Company

If your house needs pressure washing, Southington Painting would be happy to serve you. We ensure the safety of you and your property. We give high-quality results for fair prices, and no effort on your part. Please feel free to call at (860) 628-8923 or click here to schedule an estimate.  

Based in Plantsville, Connecticut, we also serve New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and some areas of New York. In addition to providing residential pressure washing for homeowners, we offer commercial pressure washing services for local businesses and HOA's.

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