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Should I Paint My Interior Doors Black?

We all know that the sky is the limit in choosing paint colors for our interior walls. When it comes to interior doors, however, we don’t often think of having so many options. Some recent trends in home decorating, though, are reminding us that classic white is not the only beautiful paint color for interior doors. There are some great reasons to consider choosing black when painting your interior doors.

Black as an Interior Accent Color

Black makes a bold accent color. Like white, it is a neutral color that can be paired well with any other color. Choosing black as an accent will bring a dramatic flair to your space.

Dressed to Impress

A coat of black paint dresses up a door to look sophisticated and classy. A black door can suggest formality and elegance. Even a simple flat panel door looks like something special and unique in black.

Photo by Atmosphere Interior Design Inc. - Browse entryway photos

Tying the Room Together

Most rooms are likely to contain some black in the furnishings or wall decorations. Having a few black elements in a room can feel random and unintentional, but adding a black door can help to tie these together into a purposeful and striking color theme.

Clean and Sharp

It is easier to keep a black door looking good than it is a white one. Fingerprints, smudges, scuffs, and marker (if you have kids) all stand out on a white door. Black paint, however, does not quickly show blemishes or dirt, keeping your house looking sharp and clean.

Using Black as a Frame

Black can be an especially good paint choice for the interior of French doors or doors that contain a window. The black of the door makes an excellent frame that draws your eyes outside to the enjoy the beauty of nature.

Photo by Phillip Smith General Contractor, LLC - Look for family room design inspiration

Choosing a Paint Sheen for Interior Doors

Most white interior doors are painted with a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint finish. Black doors, however, have more options. While they look great in a glossy sheen, they can look equally as attractive in a less glossy finish such as Satin.

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