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Painting Medical Offices and Facilities - Commercial Painting in New England

When a medical office needs to be painted, it's not the kind of project that any guy with a ladder and brush can do (or at least not well). Medical facilities have many specific characteristics that present unique challenges, and you want to make sure you hire a commercial painter with a good reputation.

So, what's so different about painting a doctor's office?

Three Characteristics of Painting Medical Facilities

Peace of Mind for Clients: When they are concerned about their health, patients are naturally prone to feel troubled. A doctor's office should be painted in a way that soothes the nerves and inspires confidence in the quality of the practice. This means pleasant, calming colors and precision painting!

Scheduling: Many of our commercial painting clients require evening or weekend work, and we're fine with that. We can schedule our painting services around your normal office hours so that your business is not interrupted. In a larger medical facility or hospital, some areas never sleep, but we can coordinate our work to keep you caring for your patients without delay.

Sensitive Patients and Equipment: We can use zero-VOC paints with ultra-low odor so that clients with health sensitivities are not bothered by the smell of drying paint. Additionally, we are always careful to avoid overspray and drips when we paint, but we are ready to go to any lengths necessary to protect medical equipment from harm during painting.

Commercial Painting in Connecticut and New England

Painting in residential and commercial settings since 1979, Southington Painting is family-owned and operated. We offer the utmost in professionalism and customer care, whether we are painting medical offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants or retail stores. We serve Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and some counties in New York.

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