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Painting Historic Homes in Plantsville, Connecticut

A historic house is special and unique in many ways. The history and architecture should be taken extra good care of, and like any other home, it needs to be painted somewhat regularly.  Are there things that need to be done differently when painting a historic home? Yes! Here are a few considerations about how to choose colors and paint your historic house.

Choosing Colors for your Historic Home

The first thing to do for any paint job is choose the color you want. This can be a little more work for a historical house if you want it to be accurate to the time period it was built in. There are three main options when it comes to choosing a color for historic homes

Historically accurate to your historic home

The first option is to try to paint your house the color it was originally. This is usually only used on very historically important houses (the White House, for example!). However, if you really want to be the most accurate, this is probably the way you should go. 

To find out what the original color of your home was, you can try to find old pictures. In the case of a very old house, though, there probably won’t be any. You can also strip the paint to try to see what color it was originally. Bear in mind though, that there were probably different paint colors on the different part of your house, so you’ll have to strip the paint in several places. You could also be exposed to lead paint in this process.

Historically accurate to the time period of your house

If you want to be historically accurate to the time period your house was built in, but not specifically to your house, you can research the colors that were common in your area at the time your home was built and use them. A lot of paint stores will even have historical color collections that you can look at and match to the time period of your home's construction. This can be an easier option than trying to determine the original color of your home, and it helps you make sure your paint scheme is suitable for its architectural style.

Your favorite color scheme

For many of us, stripping multiple coats of paint off our walls or researching old color collections is just not worth it, especially if you don't really care for the colors the house used to be. If it's a house you live in, take your own tastes and preferences into consideration when you choose the colors.

Painting the exterior of your historic home

If the exterior of your house needs to be painted, it might also need wood restoration, stucco repair, or other important maintenance. Also, exterior painting preparation usually involves pressure washing, which can damage the surfaces if done by an inexperienced worker. Exterior painting on a historic home might best be left for a professional painting contractor who has insurance, experience, and the tools they need to get the job done. You don’t want your home damaged by doing something wrong. 


Painting the interior of your old house

Interior painting of a historic home may involve plaster repair or complicated restoration of antique surfaces, and these are items you don't want to undertake without sufficient expertise. Additionally, the likelihood of lead paint existing in a historic home is quite high. If the interior painting will require more than simply adding a coat of paint, you would probably do well to hire a professional. 

Painting & Restoring Historic Homes in Plantsville, Connecticut

If you live in Plantsville or in the greater New England region and you have a historical house that needs painting or restoration, Southington Painting Company would be happy to help you! Our services for historic homes include color consultations, drywall and plaster repair, pressure washing, wallpaper removal and installation, ceiling texture repair, decorative finishes, and more! Please feel to call us if you have any questions, or schedule a free estimate now! We look forward to hearing from you!

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