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Most Popular Interior Paint Colors for 2019

As the 2019 rolls around, it’s the time of year when the popular new paint colors are being unveiled. If you are ready to update your home in 2019, why not explore the most popular colors of the year?

Sherwin Williams - Cavern Clay

One of our favorite choices is Sherwin Williams 2019 Color of the Year - Cavern Clay. This warm terracotta fills the room with a feeling of casual refinement. While this color is described as a nod to mid-century modern style, it also gives a nod to the American Southwest.

Current trends focus on bringing in an organic style. Natural, earthy colors, coupled with organic material such as marble and stone create a calming element to any home. Cavern Clay achieves this natural, earthtone.

This color is very warm. Both dark and warm colors look like they come closer, or “advance.” This means that choosing a warm, dark color such as Cavern Clay is a perfect choice for large rooms. The color will draw the walls together, creating a cozy welcoming environment.

Cavern Clay plays well with others

While Cavern Clay may be the color of the year, Sherwin Williams has created a key palette for your home. These colors complement each other and work together to create a harmonious combination.

Benjamin Moore - Metropolitan AF

Not to be outdone, Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan AF, is also a nod to the organic. This color is calm, comfortable and effortlessly sophisticated. The soft, cool color exudes calm, centered energy.

While warm colors cause a room to feel smaller, and more intimate, cool colors recede. Metropolitan AF would look amazing in a room that you want to feel spacious. Try it in a kitchen, or a room filled with windows.

Complementary colors

To complement this gorgeous grey, Benjamin Moore has created a color trends palette with 15 equally impressive colors. These cool colors are a mixture of calm sophistication, with a few bold accents. The entire collection is geared towards creating a home that is serene.

One of our favorite colors from the collection is Beau Green. During the drab days of winter, our eyes long to see a touch of color. This green is bold, but not loud or overbearing. Use this color as a dramatic accent.

If you are in need of a change this winter, the trending colors for 2019 are the place to start. Because the current trends are seeking an air of natural, organic relaxation, these colors will fill your home with a taste of the outdoors.

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