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Is the More Expensive House Paint Worth It?

Have you ever spent good money on something that you thought was really worthwhile, only to have some thrifty friend tell you that a cheaper option is just as good? It can be frustrating, especially when you were so sure you were making a good investment.

How about when it comes to painting your home? Big box stores all have their favorite brands of interior and exterior paint, and some are a real bargain. They even boast impressive capabilities like paint/primer combos, all in one coat! It’s tough to argue with the price points.

There’s a reason why professional house painters won’t touch many of those products with a 10-foot pole. We have the benefit of experience… a LOT of experience, and have seen firsthand how different paint products and brands perform, how smoothly they can be applied, and the kind of coverage they offer.

The quick takeaway for this article? Higher-quality paint products ARE worth the investment, offering tangible, long-term benefits. Let’s take a closer look at exactly why.

What makes some house paint better than others?

Well, for the same reason that you can’t compare a frozen, instant dinner with fine cuisine: the quality of the ingredients and preparation. No offense to your microwave…

Higher quality paint has higher quality ingredients (solvent, pigment, and binders) that are just plain better at doing their job. Plus, lower-grade paint typically contains more filler (that’s the solvent), diluting and weakening the formula.

Using high-quality house paint can actually save you money

Here’s what typically doesn’t make its way into those flashy, bargain paint commercials: you need MORE low-quality paint for a given job than you do high-quality paint. The weaker, cheaper components just don’t cover as well, requiring much more product for the same coverage. If you dip your brush into the junkier stuff and run it across a wall, it literally pales in comparison to the feel of a rich, premium product.

What are the benefits of using better paint?

Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Better color retention (your paint will stay true to its original color longer without fading)
  • Better paint coverage (we talked about this above)
  • Better durability and finish strength
  • Better, more even finish
  • Better lifespan (your paint lasts longer)

This is why when we make paint recommendations or offer color tips, we always reference proven, premium paint products. This isn’t an upsell; it’s a reflection of our commitment to offering value and doing the job right. We know what works.

Have more questions about painting services or products? Contact us at Southington Painting! We’re here to help.

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