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Interior Painting Project in Cheshire, Connecticut

One of our crews recently finished painting the interior of this home in Cheshire, Connecticut. We love the finished look of the rooms, with the clean lines, pleasing colors and uniform surfaces (not to mention the gleaming floors!). When you look at the photos, they only show you the finished product: the paint on the walls. However, these photos actually tell a much more complicated story.

Looking at this interior painting project from Cheshire, let’s examine the backstory that led to these beautiful results:

Surface Preparation

When our interior painters arrived at this Cheshire home, the first step was to prepare the surfaces that would eventually be painted. Any dirty surfaces need to be washed so that paint can adhere properly. Next, imperfections in the surfaces (such as dents, holes, scrapes, etc.) need to be repaired. Any bare drywall or bare wood must be primed, and then the surfaces are ready!

Careful Protection

Just as important as where we apply the paint is where we don’t apply the paint! The interior of this Cheshire home was thoroughly protected to produce the best possible results:

  • Drop cloths on the floors to prevent any drips or splatters
  • Painter’s tape along all edges to ensure clean, straight lines
  • Plastic sheeting (held in place with painter’s tape) over all nearby fixtures or items

The best thing about all these protective measures is the moment of “unveiling” when they are all removed, and the painted surfaces shine in all their splendor!


Quality Products

Any chef will tell you that you can’t make a delicious meal with low-quality ingredients. The same goes for interior painting! The owners of this Cheshire home were looking for a neutral color that would not look bland, but rather add class to the open areas. They selected “Agreeable Gray” as their color of choice, and wow!, did it deliver!

Using a quality paint from Sherwin Williams, our painters achieved excellent consistency in color coverage. Additionally, excellent paints resist fading and damage far better than budget paints, and they can be washed when necessary.

Expert Application

Even with careful preparation, thorough protection, and premium products, an interior paint job is nothing without expert application. Our craftsmen cut no corners, proceeding cautiously and systematically to transform these walls. This professionalism shows up in every detail, in the straight lines and tight corners, the smooth walls and pristine moldings.


Southington Painting

Whether you live in Cheshire, or you are located in another part of Connecticut, Southington Painting would be delighted to serve you! In addition to interior painting, we also offer exterior painting, drywall services, kitchen cabinet painting, wallpaper services, epoxy floor coatings, and much more.

To schedule your free painting estimate, contact our office or use our online scheduling tool. We look forward to serving you!

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