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Interior Paint Tips for Homes with Kids and/or Pets

It can be difficult to keep a home clean, when there are only adults living there; it can be even harder if there are kids or pets involved! Handprints or pawprints, grape jelly or garden soil, scuffs, dents, and stains… it’s amazing what our walls put up with. Fortunately, there are some choices we can make with our interior painting that make it easier to keep clean, fresh-looking walls when we have kids or pets.

When Considering Paint Colors....

There are some advantages to using light paint colors and some benefits to using darker paint colors. Light paint colors tend to be more scrubbable, which is a very good thing when there are kids or pets in the house. You can gently wash light walls and usually the marks will come off.

The good thing about using a darker color is that, just like darker clothes, it shows marks and stains a lot less. This is great because it means you have to wash the walls a lot less frequently. It’s up to you to decide whether a light or dark paint color would be better for your home.

Higher-Sheen Paints

High-sheen paints are a lot more durable and washable than lower-sheen paints like flat or eggshell. They will last longer and you can clean them a lot more effectively. Satin is great for most walls, and semi-gloss is perfect for trim and moldings.

If you really want a low-sheen paint for the aesthetics, you could explore the options for flat or eggshell paints that are specifically designed to be more durable.

Chair Rails

Chair rail is a waist-height piece of trim that runs horizontally along a wall, visually dividing it into two portions. This look is classy and distinctive, but there are more advantages than that!

When it comes to a home with kids or pets, it is usually the bottom portion of the walls that takes the most abuse. If you have chair rail, you can repaint just the lower area and leave the upper area alone, making it much quicker, cheaper, and easier to refresh your walls!

Zero-VOC Paint

It’s better for everyone to use zero-VOC interior paints, but it’s especially important when there are kids or pets in a home! Low-VOC or zero-VOC paints may cost a little more with some brands, but the improved indoor air quality is definitely worth the investment.

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