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Interior House Painting: Can I Paint Metal Surfaces?

When it comes to interior house painting, what surfaces do you think of first? If you are like most people, drywall, plaster and wood all spring quickly to mind. However, many homes here in Connecticut also have metal surfaces that are visible inside the living areas. Radiators, duct covers, vents, and pipes show the effects of time just like your walls and trim. Can these metal surfaces be painted if they are outdated or unsightly?

Most of these metal surfaces are paintable, and when the right products and techniques are used, the results can be very attractive! That old radiator with the dirty surfaces and chipped paint can be cleaned up and restored so that is a visual asset rather than a liability. If you have baseboard heating and pipes are visible along the walls, they can also be painted to match your wall colors. And if you have metal vents or duct covers that are outdated and unsightly, these also can be recoated and renewed to give them new life!

Tips for Painting Metal Surfaces in the Home

The most important factor when painting metal is the quality of the bond between the paint and the surface below. To make sure the bond is secure:

  • Clean the surfaces thoroughly before you begin painting. Dirt, dust, grease, and other surface contaminants are sure to cause problems.
  • For any bare metal, make sure you use the appropriate metal primer. Normal interior paints will not bond to bare metal.
  • Some types of metal need to be etched (have the surface roughed-up) before paint will adhere to them well.
  • Paint should be applied in multiple thin coats. If you try to cover the surface with fewer thick coats, problems are likely to occur.
  • If the surface was previously painted and there is evidence of rust underneath the old paint, it is crucial to remove the rust and remediate the problem. If it was painted prior to 1980, beware that there could be lead in the paint. Don’t disturb the previous coating yourself, but contact a professional painter with lead paint remediation certification.

Spray painting usually gives the most professional finish for metal surfaces. Especially on duct covers and similar items, sprayed paint can make them look just as good as new (or better!). If your metal surfaces have previously been painted using a brush, you can go ahead and do the same thing with your new coat of paint.

If you are painting a radiator or pipes that carry hot water, it is vital to use a premium paint that is designed to withstand very high temperatures.

Interior Painting in Connecticut

Do you have any interior rooms or surfaces that need to be painted? Whether you have drywall, wood, plaster, or metal that needs painting attention, Southington Painting would be delighted to serve you! Since 1979, we have offered superb interior and exterior painting services throughout Connecticut. Our painters are polite, prompt, and professional, and we always seek to provide you with outstanding beauty and long-lasting results.

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