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How to Tell If Your Deck Needs a Spring Cleaning

After a cold winter here in Connecticut, we all are in the mood to do some serious spring cleaning. Who wants the grime that built up during the winter staying on their houses all summer?  No one! Especially not on parts of your house that you invite guests into or that are very visible. Your deck meets both of those qualifications. But how do you know if your deck needs maintenance? How can you tell if you deck is no longer waterproof?


Do I Need to Clean My Deck?

If your deck has mold or mildew, or a dirty mixture of pollen, dirt and general gunk, the answer is yes. Partly, this is the first step to making your deck look fresh and new. Additionally, if your deck is not cleaned, it can start deteriorating more quickly, and it won’t get any easier to deal with.

Pressure Washing Yourself vs. Hiring

Pressure washing your deck yourself can be done, though there are some reasons to hesitate. It is inconvenient to have to rent a pressure washer, and it can be unsafe, because the high pressure can leave gouges in your deck and is potentially dangerous to you. In short, it is better to hire a professional pressure washer.

Should I Repaint My Deck?

If the paint on your deck is starting to peel, split or fade, then it is time to repaint your deck. This might seem picky, but it’s not only the looks of your deck at stake. The real problem with putting off deck repainting is that paint failure leads to wood rot and expensive remediation. If you repaint before the previous coating fails, you avoid the arduous work of stripping off the failed paint.

Do I Need to Re-stain my Deck?

Some stains are merely decorative, not providing any waterproofing function. In this case, the choice of when to re-stain the deck is completely aesthetic, and you can do it whenever it suits you. You will need to waterproof the deck more regularly, however.

If your stain is also a water-repellent coating, then you need to be sure it is kept in good repair. See the next section for how you know when you need to re-stain for the purpose of re-sealing the deck.

Is It Time to Seal My Deck?

The easiest way to tell if your deck needs to be waterproofed is to drip water on the surface when it is dry. If the water soaks in, then your deck is vulnerable. If the water beads up on the surface, you're protected! Just make sure you try this test on a few different areas of the deck.

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