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How to Paint an Interior Door – Professional Painting Tips!

Every kind of surface has its own characteristics that require an adjustment to your painting techniques, and interior doors are no exception. Since they tend to draw attention by their unique contours and the way the interrupt a wall, you really want them to look great! So, what can you do to end up with a great paint job on your interior doors? Here are a few tips:

Choosing the Paint

Go with a latex/acrylic semi-gloss interior paint. If a door or two is the only thing you are painting, you can get away with just a quart. Many great products are now available with low VOC or zero VOC, which means healthier air and almost no odor.

While most people paint their interior doors white, other options are becoming popular these days. Black is one of the most remarkable trends for interior door colors, and it definitely makes a bold statement!

Preparing the Door

Always wash a surface before you paint it. A damp sponge or cloth with a little bit of soap should do the trick. You want to remove dirt, grease, fingerprints, and dust as best you can, so the new paint will adhere well, and no gunk will get mixed up in your fresh paint.

If the door has any damaged areas, such as scrapes, gouges, or nail holes, you can repair them with drywall putty (use light-weight, quick-dry spackle for small repairs), and then sand them smooth. If there is any bare wood or patched spots, you will want to prime them before painting the door.

Protecting the Non-Painted Surfaces

If you’re handy enough to remove a few screws, it is worth the effort of removing the door from the doorway. Just use a drill to take out the screws from one side of each hinge, then you can lay the door on the floor or on sawhorses. Removing the doorknob is also helpful. This way, there is just the door to paint, with no need to worry about protecting the knobs and other surrounding surfaces.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to uninstall the door and knob, use tape and plastic to carefully cover anything near the door that you don’t want paint on. Now, you should be ready to paint!

Painting the Interior Door

Use a brush, not a roller, for the best effect. Dip your brush about ¾ inch into the paint, and then begin applying it to the door. If the door is standing up, then start at the top and work your way down. If it is laying down, just start at one end and work towards the other.

Use the brush to carefully apply paint into all the grooves and corners first, then you can paint the panels and frames. Keep checking back on the previous areas to see if there are any drips or runs. If you find them, brush them out quickly to prevent it from drying that way.

Always brush in the direction of the wood grain. Even on a door that is not made from genuine boards, there is usually some kind of stamped wood grain pattern. On a door, it is common for the grain to go different ways on different parts of the door, so pay attention to this and use your brush accordingly.

Once the door is painted, allow it to dry thoroughly before handling it or before opening and closing it. You may need a second coat of paint if the first one did not provide sufficiently even coverage.

Now, you can clean up from your project, and enjoy the beauty of the freshly-painted interior door!

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