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How To Incorporate Dark Paint Colors While Keeping It Bright and Cheery

We all admire the beautiful pictures in magazines of gorgeous black living rooms or stunning navy bedrooms. But wouldn’t it be dreary to actually live in a dark room? Well, it certainly doesn’t have to be! There are many ways to incorporate those classy, dark interior paint colors in a livable, cheerful home. Here are a few of the best ways.

Plenty of Natural Light

When you’re choosing a room to try a dark paint color with, choose one that has good windows that let in a significant amount of natural light. It’s important to have natural light in any room, but it’s even more essential with a dark room. Large windows will make the room much brighter and cheerier.


A great way to get even more light in a room is to include a mirror. Not only is this pretty, but it also creates more natural lighting for your lovely room.

Dark But Not Black

If you’re not quite ready to go for black yet, remember that there are other beautiful dark paint colors that, when used right, can give the same dramatic feel as black while maintaining a little more color and liveliness.


Some great examples would be navy blue, deep green, rich gray or dark brown.

Add Colorful Accents

With a beautiful dark room, be sure to include bright, colorful accents. Any colors will really pop, so choose carefully.


This could be as small as throw pillows or a piece of artwork, or as large as furniture or an accent wall. Use this wisely; it’s a powerful tool!

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