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How Exterior Paint Protects Your Home

Some things show their strength at first glance, like the powerful leg muscles of a horse. Other types of strength, however, can look deceptively delicate, such as the legs of an ant or the web of a spider. Exterior house paint falls into the latter category. Though it looks thin and may seem purely decorative, it actually offers significant strength and protection for your home exterior. How does this work?

Water Resistance

One of the most significant ways that exterior paint protects your home is with its water resistant properties. This keeps moisture from being absorbed into wood siding and trim, and from seeping into cracks and joints. Without the water barrier that exterior paint provides, your home would be susceptible to water intrusion, mold, mildew, and wood rot. With the paint, however, your home is thoroughly protected!


The water protection offered by exterior paint would be worthless without its flexibility. The changing of seasons here in Connecticut puts our homes through extreme temperature variations, which causes expansion and contraction of building materials. Quality exterior house paints, however, have the flexibility to stretch and shrink with the materials underneath them, preventing them from splitting apart as they otherwise would.

Ultraviolet Protection

Another way the forces of nature tend to break down building materials is with the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. This can cause splitting, warping and cracking of wood, as well as other types of deterioration for other products. Thankfully, quality exterior house paints are engineered to provide many years of protection against the damage the sun would otherwise cause.

Exterior Paint Needs Your Help

As powerful as it is, exterior house paint does need something from you in order to keep doing its job. It is important to maintain your paint annually and repaint when necessary, to prevent that barrier from losing its ability to protect your house. With proper care, however, your paint will keep your home looking amazing and performing as it should.

The best way to keep your home thoroughly protected and looking beautiful is to work with a professional house painting company. Here in Connecticut, the name you can trust for exterior house painting is Southington Painting. Offering quality exterior painting and exceptional customer service, Southington Painting has been serving Connecticut for over 40 years.

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