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House Painting Questions: Brush, Roller, or Sprayer?

House painting is a complicated process, with all kinds of tools and products to learn about. For Connecticut homeowners who are just starting to look into the idea of doing their own house painting, it can be quite overwhelming! As a local house painting company, we are happy to share what we can about painting to help you make informed decisions and end up with a pleasing result.

Of course, there are far too many house painting questions to attempt answering them all in one blog post. For today, let’s look at the most common application tools for house painting: brushes, rollers, and sprayers. We will discuss the strengths and some ideal uses for each of these common painting tools.

Paint Brushes: Versatility and Details

When using a paint brush to apply house paint, you have maximal control of exactly where the paint ends up. This makes it ideal for places where exactness matters, such as along edges and borders, on narrow items like spindles, and in harder-to-reach places like corners.

One of the most common uses for paint brushes is called “cutting in.” This is the process of painting a 3-4 inch frame along the edges of a wall, so that afterwards, the roller can be used without needing to get it too close to the edge.

A telltale characteristic of house painting with a brush is that you can usually see the texture of the brush strokes, even long after the paint has dried. Many people like this look on items like doors, baseboards, and other trim, but they would prefer not to use it on large, flat surfaces. A skilled painter always makes sure the brush strokes are oriented in the same direction as the wood grain, or in a uniform direction.

Paint Rollers: Smoothness and Efficiency

There are two primary reasons Connecticut painting contractors love to use paint rollers. One is the smooth, uniform surface they create. In the hand of a skilled house painter, the roller leaves a beautiful surface with no lines, drips, lap-marks or thin spots. Based on the type of roller cover used, the paint roller also leaves a texture to the wall. This can be subtle or significant, depending on the look you want to achieve.

A second reason for using paint rollers is their efficiency. They are a great way to apply paint quickly to a large, open surface. If the cutting in has been done well, the rolling process is pleasant, easy, and very productive.

There are just a couple limiting factors with a paint roller. First, they can have a tendency to cause drips and splatters if not used correctly. Second, they are not able to reach into tight spaces or edges, and they cannot be used on contoured surfaces.

Paint Sprayers: Finish and Timeliness

Using pressurized air to create a steady stream of miniscule paint droplets, paint sprayers can be used to create a highly professional finish. This is one reason many painters use paint sprayers on showy items like kitchen cabinets. With precise control and methodical strokes, a skilled house painter can work wonders!

While a paint sprayer is a great way to cover large, open surfaces quickly, it also has the advantage of being able to paint contours, curves, and intricate details on items like doors and railings.

In the hands of a professional house painter, a paint sprayer is a remarkable tool. However, due to the skill and knowledge required to properly thin the paints and use the sprayer, it is not generally recommended for a do-it-yourself painter.

House Painting Help

Painting your house can be a pleasant, rewarding process, as long as you have the time to learn the skills and necessary information, plus the time and energy to do the work. If that does not describe you, never fear: Southington Painting is happy to help!

With diligent craftsmanship and dedicated customer service, Southington Painting has been painting homes in Connecticut since 1979. We provide both interior and exterior painting, plus drywall services, kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing, wallpaper removal, epoxy floor coatings, and more. Contact us for your free house painting estimate today!

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