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Featured project! Painting kitchen cabinets  to add value to a home

Are you getting ready to put your house up for sale? This is still a seller’s market and a good time to get the most money for your home. Thinking bigger than the ups and downs of real estate, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to build as much value and marketability as you can into your greatest investment.

How about a real-life example?

In September, we helped a customer get their home ready to sell, including painting the kitchen cabinets. What a difference! You might think it was a full remodel, but that’s what a beautiful paint job and new hardware can do. If you’re considering a similar project, here are a few quick tips and pointers to keep in mind.

What kind of cabinets can be painted?

While wood is the standard cabinet material, most any cabinet type can be painted: formica, metal, even vinyl wrap can be painted with the right type of preparation and adhesion primers.

You also may want to have your solid wood cabinets painted in the late fall, winter, or early spring months when the wood doors have the least amount of moisture and no swelling. Make sure your cabinets are in good condition too–very few soft nicks and scratches, working drawers and cabinet doors. Oftentimes we can help with cabinet hardware also.

As we always advise, it’s important to be certain your cabinets are worth investing in, otherwise a replacement may make more sense.

Why should you hire a professional cabinet painter?

It can be tempting to DIY any way you can, especially when you are trying to sell your home. When it comes to painting your kitchen cabinets, though, it’s best to invite a professional. Cabinet painting is a specialized process that requires high-end paint and products, as well as spray equipment. When done right, painted cabinets can look like new without spending as much as you would on a full remodel and can last for years and years, too!

Routine cleaning with gentle soap and a soft microfiber cloth will add life to your painted cabinets and keep them looking fantastic.

Does painting kitchen cabinets add value to your home?

Yes! Professionally painted kitchen cabinets can add value to your home, especially if they are a timeless color such as white (still the most popular!), gray, cream, or black. For this home, we used a smooth, pale shade of gray: Shale by Benjamin Moore. We also exchanged the dated shiny brass hardware for a sleek and stylish black metal. These changes can have a tangible impact on the value of your home, plus help it sell more quickly.

Still have questions? Contact us today. We would love to chat with you about your project ideas, whether you’re getting ready to sell or are simply ready to invest in your forever home.

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