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Exterior Painting: Why Surface Preparation Is Essential

Here at Southington Painting, we insist on surface preparation before we paint. Sometimes, our clients look at our painting estimates and ask us if they could save some money by skipping those preparatory steps. While we are all about customer satisfaction, that is one request we always say no to. Why do we do that? After all, isn’t the customer always right?

What Difference Does Surface Preparation Make for Exterior House Painting?

Here is a question for our female readers: if you had dirt smeared on your face, would you apply makeup over it? Of course not! The dirt would prevent the makeup from going on properly, and the whole process would become a mess!

When you apply paint to a surface, any dirt or other contaminants will get mixed in with the paint, creating a lumpy, grainy texture. Additionally, those contaminants will prevent the paint from adhering properly, leading to premature paint failure.

Even if a home looks clean, there is always some degree of surface contamination from airborne dust, pollen, bird droppings, air pollution, and other environmental features. Also, many homes have varying levels of mildew on the surfaces, especially in wet or shady spots. It is vital to remove all of these substances before we paint, or the end result will be a serious disappointment.

What Other Steps Are Involved in Preparing for Exterior Painting?

Besides giving the home a good cleaning, we also inspect for any surfaces that are beginning to fail. This could include dry-rotted wood, loosely-attached siding, rusting metal, loose shutters, failing gutters, and other problems that could make the new paint fail again quickly.

If a painter carelessly overlooks any of these types of issues, the consequences will not be long in coming. The failing surfaces will continue to fail, the new paint will bubble, crack, and/or peel, and the house will look even worse than it did before the new paint was applied.

If Southington Painting Does a Job, We Stand Behind It

At Southington Painting, we care deeply about building and maintaining a reputation for quality and excellence. While we respect the wishes of our valued customers, we simply cannot in good conscience perform a painting project that we know will disappoint them in the long run.

Serving Connecticut since 1979, Southington Painting is a trusted, reliable house painting company. We offer interior painting, exterior painting, deck cleaning and refinishing, drywall services, woodwork staining, and much more. Call us or contact us online for a free estimate. We look forward to serving you!

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