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Does the Quality of Your Exterior House Paint Matter?

You’ve picked out the color you want, but now you need to pick the paint…

Exterior house painting comes with a lot of decision-making. Color, sheen, trim vs. field color, making repairs… Plus, exterior painting feels more permanent than interior painting, so you want to be sure you make the right choices all around.

It can be tempting at this point to try and save a few bucks by going with bargain paint. After all, the reviews seem pretty good, can’t beat the price point, and the samples looked fine. What could go wrong? And aren’t the more “premium” brands just an upsell?

Actually, no. Paint quality really does matter, especially when you’re already making a substantial investment and need to get the best return possible. Keep reading to find out why.

Pro Tip!

Ask your exterior painting contractor which kind of paint they recommend, and why. Also, ask them if they have a “good, better, and best” list of options. You might be able to pick a more budget-friendly product without taking on the risks of using low-grade paint.

Here’s why exterior paint quality matters


Secure adhesion

This might sound simplistic, but you want your paint to stick. And not just to stick, but to form a rock-solid bond with your siding. That’s why exterior prep is so important, making sure that the surfaces are clean and in good condition. Better quality paint offers better adhesion all around.

Superior paint ingredients

If you love to cook, you know what a difference top-shelf ingredients make. You can make or break the flavor, right? Well, the same really applies to paint: if your solvent, binder, and pigments are better, the finished product will be better too. That’s what you get with name-brand, quality paint.

Keep the color you love

Those superior ingredients also make better color retention possible. Fading over time is inevitable, but the process is slowed down significantly.

Better paint coverage

You might not notice it when you apply just a small sample, but when you start really laying down some serious product you’ll see how much further quality paint goes. And not just the amount of product, but how well it covers the surface and hides blemishes. Less will go a longer way and look so much better!

Love your paint job, and love the value

As we mentioned above, exterior repaints are a real investment. That makes it all the more critical that you set your project up for complete success, from the paint brands you choose to the painting professionals you trust.

Have more questions about exterior painting? Contact us at Southington Painting! We’d love to serve you and your home.

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