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Does My Deck Need to Be Waterproofed or Restained Each Year?

Wood is a marvelous material, able to be shaped and adapted to so many purposes, and containing such natural variety and beauty. It is no wonder we love to use it all around our homes! On many homes, one of the most prominent uses for wood is the deck. Our decks provide us with a beautiful retreat and a place for entertaining, but the wood needs to be cared for, or it will deteriorate. What maintenance does a deck need? Do decks need to be waterproofed or restained each year?

Below, we will take a few moments to discuss what care your deck needs, and how often it needs it.

How to Know if Your Deck Needs Waterproofing

Water is the biggest factor in the deterioration of wood. It causes warping and splitting, mildew and rot. Therefore, the most important aspect of deck maintenance is keeping the wood waterproof. As long as water remains on the surface, you are in good shape, but if that water soaks into the wood, you are in danger of deterioration.

The way to test your wood is to drip some water on it when the deck is dry. If the water beads up and stays on the surface, the wood is in good shape. However, if the water quickly soaks in, you know the coating needs to be renewed.

Depending on the type of wood your deck is made of, plus its age and overall condition, you may need to renew your waterproofing each year. In many cases, however, the waterproof coating will last multiple seasons.

Is It Enough to Restain My Deck? Are Deck Stains Waterproof?

As the name implies, stain changes the color of wood. It seeps into the fibers of the wood to enhance the beauty of the wood grain and to create specific colors. Most deck stains, however, are not waterproof. While darker stains can help block ultraviolet rays from the sun, and thus help somewhat against fading and cracking, they do not keep out water.

One option is to find a stain that is specially formulated to keep out water as well. Another idea is to use solid color stains. These are actually more similar to a paint, forming a coating on the outside of the wood rather than soaking in. Solid color stains provide a barrier against water intrusion, but they also hide more of the wood grain that many people want to be able to see.

How to Waterproof a Deck

Unfortunately, waterproofing a deck is not as simple as just spraying or brushing on a new coating. First, the deck needs to be properly cleaned. If there is any mildew, lichen, or other living matter on the wood, it needs to be killed with a fungicidal spray. Then the deck needs to be scrubbed or pressure washed to remove dirt, pollen, and general grime. Finally, you need to wait until the wood is thoroughly dried, with a prediction of dry weather for at least a day after the application of the coating.

Professional Deck Maintenance in Connecticut

Taking care of your deck is worth the time and expense, but for some homeowners, the prospect of the Do-It-Yourself option is a bit daunting. This is probably why many of us have decks that are far overdue in their maintenance!

For Connecticut homeowners, Southington Painting provides expert deck maintenance. When you hire a professional painting company to protect and beautify your deck, you can rest assured that you will get the best possible results, with no time taken out of your own schedule!

In addition to exterior painting and deck refinishing services, Southington Painting also offers expert carpentry, so if there is any dry rot or other deterioration of your wood, we can take care of it at the same time.

Do you need…

  • Deck stain?
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  • Deck repairs?
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  • Deck painting or refinishing?

Southington Painting offers everything your deck needs to regain its maximum beauty and protection against the elements. Call us today for a free estimate!

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