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Do you need to worry about paint fumes?

You’ve heard a lot about air quality in the last few years which may have led you to get an air- purifier, leave windows open a crack, or place more plants around your living spaces. There’s another way you can protect the air you breathe in your home, and it’s by choosing low or zero VOC paint for your next interior paint project. Let’s look at some ways these paints can make painting safer any time of year.

What are VOCs?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds, are “emitted as gasses from certain solids or liquids.” You can’t see these gasses, but when you think of that “fresh paint smell” of yesteryear, that’s what you were smelling. They include chemicals which may have adverse health effects.

Luckily, paint has come a long way to making the air in your home safer for you and your family.

Low VOC paint

VOC regulation changes all the time and is different from state to state, so when you see a “Low VOC” label on a paint can it can mean many different things. Although they may have less VOCs, they may not be that different from regular paint.

Zero VOC paint

Zero VOC paints have no volatile organic compounds in them, they smell better, and they are safer to use in your home. They come in a variety of colors and are manufactured by several different companies, some familiar to you, such as Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG, and others. You can also use milk paint which is even safe for children’s furniture.

Breathe easy during your next interior painting project

Proper ventilation goes a long way to make any paint job safer and, though all paints have harmful chemicals, most have passed EPA standards. Low and Zero VOC paints make all the difference when you are planning interior painting in the winter when the windows are mostly closed. Just look for their assurance on the paint you use. You can choose paints that are safe to use any time of year so you can feel comfortable planning a cold-weather painting project.

And, if you have any special allergies or sensitivities, talk to your professional painter. They can help you navigate the process and make sure the right products are being used.

For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, contact Southington Painting today!

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