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Delicious Commercial Painting: Longhorn Steakhouse Restaurant!

We aim to make every single one of our commercial painting projects look amazing, but sometimes, we go even further; we make them mouth-watering! One of our recent commercial jobs was painting the new Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant, right here in Southington, Connecticut. While there were challenging aspects to the project (as there usually are in commercial painting), the job went well, and everyone is delighted with the results.

Overview: About the Job

As a residential/commercial painting company, we have painted many restaurants, including Panera, Chipotle, Taco Bell, and Starbucks, and we pride ourselves in bringing residential painting quality to our commercial projects. In fact, this is the second Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant we have painted as well!

On this project, we provided interior and exterior painting, including the installation of wallcoverings in this new restaurant.

The Details: What Made This Commercial Painting Project Unique?

While this is the second Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant we have painted, there were some specifics to the location and the season that made it a bit of a challenge. First, the weather; we were painting the restaurant exterior in the winter. We needed to create a temperate zone around the walls using plastic sheets and jobsite heaters. While this did benefit our painters, the main reason for this is that it enables the proper application and curing of the exterior paint.

Second, the location of this restaurant is right along a busy road, and the traffic creates a great deal of wind. Our plastic sheeting was put to a severe test by these strong gusts, and we frequently had to pause the painting to patch up our heat-containment system.

During the interior painting process, we needed to work in stages as the other trades constructed this new restaurant. For example, we had to install the wallcoverings on different walls at different times, based on the overall construction plan for the restaurant.

What About the Results?

If you get a chance to visit the new Longhorn Steakhouse here in Southington, Connecticut, we are sure your senses will be most attracted by the food. However, once your plate is empty and your belly full, take a minute to look around and enjoy the other pleasures of the restaurant. Clean lines, rich colors, and a tasteful décor: what’s not to enjoy?!


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