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Commercial Painting in Hartford, CT - Painting a Surgical Center

One of the best things about being a local painting company is that we get to be a real part of the community, participating in its history, and shaping its future. A great example of that is this commercial painting project we recently finished in Hartford, Connecticut. We would love to take you on a little tour of the medical facility, so you can see this exciting project for yourself!

The Lighthouse Surgery Center is a new orthopedic outpatient facility, scheduled to open in the winter of 2020. It is a part of Saint Francis Hospital, joined with Lighthouse Surgeons and Woodland Anesthesiology Associates. This beautiful new building has six state of the art operating rooms, as well as many other spaces dedicated to specialized patient care.

painting a surgical center in Hartford, Connecticut

Commercial Painting for Medical Facilities

Every commercial painting project requires unique modifications and has special considerations to work around. Typically, doing commercial painting for a medical facility involves extra care:

  • Off-hours scheduling: we can complete our painting projects whenever it is least disruptive to the company or organization, even if that means working nights, weekends, and/or holidays!
  • Indoor air quality: at surgical centers, doctors' offices, and hospitals, it is especially important to protect the air quality. In these kinds of facilities, we can use zero-VOC paints, which cure without releasing unpleasant chemicals into the interior environment.
  • Prevention of contamination: cleanliness is one of the most essential features of any medical facility. Southington Painting takes great pride in our dedication to keeping a tidy job site, but when we paint a surgery center like this one, we take extra precautions.

In the case of the Lighthouse Surgery Center, the facility is not open for care yet. While that means some of the above considerations are slightly less urgent, we still put our greatest effort into high-level craftsmanship, helping to get the Center ready to care for patients!


A Part of Connecticut's History, a Part of Its Future

Southington Painting has been serving New England since 1979, helping to enhance the beauty and longevity of homes and workplaces. Based in Plantsville, Connecticut, we also provide residential and commercial painting in surrounding communities like Hartford, Bristol, Waterbury, Meriden, Middletown, and more. In fact, we even provide commercial painting in other states, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

With over four decades of investment in this community, our lives are woven into the fabric of this region, and we love being your local painting company. As we continue into the future, our goal is to continue offering exceptional painting services for commercial clients and homeowners, adding beauty and quality to your lives!


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