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Commercial Painting for HOAs

While providing excellent painting for one home takes a special set of skills, providing that same excellence for a whole community requires a whole new level! Commercial painting companies that work for Connecticut HOAs need an expanded set of capabilities in order to do the job right. What is it that makes HOA painting distinct? Let’s examine some of its unique requirements.

Office and Management

A commercial painting company cannot serve its clients well without a robust organizational structure. There are many crucial tasks that happen in the office, including scheduling, billing, ordering materials, legal compliance, and much more. The most important skill for a commercial painting office, however, is communication. Effective communication between the HOA property manager, the project leaders, and the painting crews is essential.

In addition to a superb support staff, a commercial painting company must have highly-experienced project leaders who...

  • Understand the complexities of painting an HOA and other multi-family housing communities.
  • Coordinate effectively with the HOA property manager to make a plan for efficient work and minimal disruption to residents.
  • Emphasize safety for everyone on site, including homeowners, HOA staff, and painting crews.
  • Know the best paint products and procedures for all kinds of standard and unique applications.
  • Keep the commercial painting on schedule and on budget

Flexibility and Scalability

Painting an HOA requires a high degree of flexibility, since there are so many households that are affected by the project. The commercial painting company must tailor its schedule in such a way that disturbance is minimized for these families. That could mean working at unusual hours, on weekends, over holidays, at night, and other special arrangements.

Beyond scheduling, the commercial painter also needs to be flexible in the services it offers, ready to tackle any kind of painting or wallcovering project.

Scalability is also a necessary trait for an HOA painting company. Sometimes an HOA just needs one or two painters for a couple hours, and other times it may need a large crew for a week or more. The needed equipment might only be one step ladder and a paintbrush, or it could include aerial lifts and fireproof coatings. An effective commercial painter is ready to scale their services up or down as needed.

Skilled Workmanship

No matter how good the office staff and managers are, the final product depends on having quality craftsmen. These commercial painters are thoroughly trained, highly experienced, and very dedicated. Whether they are applying epoxy floor coatings, installing commercial wallcoverings, providing carpentry services, or whatever the project calls for, they take care to perform each step with excellence.

Southington Painting

For HOAs all around Connecticut, Southington Painting is the name you can trust for exceptional painting and unbeatable customer service. We offer interior and exterior painting, carpentry, pressure washing, epoxy floor coatings, intumescent coatings, commercial wallcoverings, and much more. Contact our office and find out for yourself what makes us Connecticut’s best choice for commercial painting!

In addition to commercial work, Southington Painting also serves Connecticut’s residential clients. Since 1979, we have been providing house painting services, including interior painting, drywall repair, wood refinishing, exterior painting, and more.

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