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Cheap House Painting Estimates: Is a Low Price Better?

When you are looking for a painting contractor, everyone leans first to the one with the cheapest estimate. Why not hire them to paint your house? After all, who wants to spend unnecessary money on an interior painting project? Actually, it is a pretty simple answer. If a painting contractor gives you a low estimate, you might not get the excellent painting experience and quality results you’re looking for. To reduce their own costs, they could be trying to avoid paying expenses that are very necessary to a good paint job.

What are their preparation standards like?

A lot of the time required for a paint job is the preparation. If a painting company skips this step, they can save a significant amount of time and money. However, if walls are painted before they are properly prepared, it can lead to some very large issues.

There are two main steps to preparing a wall for painting. The first one is patching dents, scratches, and scrapes. If this is skipped, they will still be clearly visible. The second is that very often, primer needs to be applied. It is necessary wherever the wall has been patched. Also, you need primer if there is a dramatic color change being made, otherwise you might be able to see the first color through the new paint. So, when you’re comparing painting contractors, remember to ask about their standards for preparation.

Do they use high-quality paints?

Any expense adds up quickly, and paints are no exception. Many painting companies giving low estimates attempt to save money by using cheap supplies. However, cheap paint looks like cheap paint and will get damaged much more quickly than high-quality paint. For that reason, keep in mind the quality of the supplies a painting company is using.

Are they properly insured and certified?

Painting companies can reduce their cost by not having a proper license or insurance, because these take effort and money to maintain. However, this is putting you, your family, and your house at risk. Always make sure a company is certified and insured before hiring them.

Are their workers well-treated and well-trained?

You normally try to be very careful about the people you let in your house; it should be no different with your painters. You are trusting them with the safety of your house and family.

Paying workers is one of any company’s biggest expenses, and really adds up. So, some painting contractors try to pay their workers as little as possible. This, however, does not work out well, as workers who feel undervalued will do as little work as they can get away with. Workers who are appreciated will do a much better job, even when no one is paying attention.

Training workers is also a significant expense. However, a worker really must be well-trained, or it does not make too much of a difference how much they are paid. Untrained workers will generally mean sloppy, unsatisfactory results.

Do they have good customer service?

Some painting contractors also attempt to lower their estimate by cutting back on their office staff. This, though, can make their customer service terrible, and we all know how difficult that can be to work with. A good house painting company will have sufficient office staff to guarantee that projects are completed on time, emails and phone calls are answered promptly, and no important documents or papers are lost or filed incorrectly.

Quality painting and fair estimates

Southington Painting Company isn’t trying to be the very cheapest painting company out there. Instead, we give fair prices for high-quality work. We have been serving Central Connecticut and the surrounding areas since 1979, and there are many hundreds of satisfied customers to confirm our reliability and high standards. We take pride in being fully licensed and insured, maintaining a qualified and satisfied workforce, and using only the best paints. Please feel free to call us or schedule an estimate online today, or find out more about us here online.

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