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Can We Give Painting Estimates without an In-Person Visit?

Curious clients often ask us what it would cost to paint a room (or paint their whole home exterior) based on the square footage. While we are happy to discuss potential projects with clients, we hesitate to offer any estimates without an in-person visit.

In fact, we would encourage you to be skeptical of any painting offer or quote that appears to give a flat-rate fee, when the contractor has not yet visited your home. Here are a few reasons why a responsible painting company doesn't give estimates without seeing the project in person.

Hidden Costs and Unexpected Increases

When we quote a price for painting, we fully intend to honor that estimate. However, if we show up to begin the project and discover factors that change the nature of the job (see below), it would lead to an unavoidable price increase.

By visiting your home and personally surveying the project, we are able to give you a price you can depend on.

Factors that Change the Price of a Painting Project

Doors, Windows and Architectural Features: No room is a simple box. They all contain a door, at minimum. Add to that the windows, light fixtures, closets, unique trim, vaulted ceilings, built-in cabinetry, and other architectural details, and a room becomes much more challenging to paint. The more obstacles there are in a room, the longer it takes to prepare the space for painting. That is why a simple calculation of square footage is not enough to accurately predict a price.

Condition of the Walls: A good paint job requires clean, sound surfaces. If your walls have suffered damage or need special preparation prior to painting, the labor and materials costs will grow accordingly. As responsible house painters, we will not just throw paint on the walls in order to keep a low estimate on-budget. We take the time to make sure our work will be attractive and long-lasting.

Amount and Quality of Paint: The paint color your choose may require two (or more) coats to achieve consistent coverage and lasting quality. Also, the quality of paint you desire will likewise affect the cost of the project. These material choices cannot be determined accurately without visiting the site.

Is There a Flat-Rate Painting Option?

One way that we can give you a preset quote for painting is with our Painter for a Day service. With this program, you hire one of our expert painters for eight hours of labor at a flat rate. This can allow you to have a couple of small projects completed, such as touch up and repairs, or one slightly larger project, such as a small room. With the Painter for a Day option, you know ahead of time what you will pay. However, we cannot guarantee how much work can be accomplished during that day without seeing the site beforehand.

Trustworthy House Painting in Central Connecticut

For homeowners in the central Connecticut region, Southington Painting is a trustworthy choice for painting your home. We are thoroughly dedicated to your satisfaction, which means producing exceptional results at a fair (and previously-agreed-upon) price. In order to receive a free, no-commitment estimate, call our office or use the contact feature on our website.

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