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Can I Recycle Unused Paint? What Can I Do with Extra Paint?

House painting projects almost always leave some leftover paint behind, whether the project was a complete exterior repainting, or a fresh coat on a half-bath. Even professional house painters don’t use up every gallon of paint they open. So, what should you do with leftover paint? Can extra paint be recycled?

In most cases, leftover paint is great to have around. It means you have some extra paint on-hand in case you need to touch up the walls later on. We’ll discuss proper paint storage in a few moments, but first, let’s take a look at the question you came here for:

Can I Recycle Leftover Paint?

There are some organizations that can recycle leftover paint for you. Here in Connecticut, you can try talking to the Habitat for Humanity branch in Waterbury. Also, you can contact Paintcare.org for a paint recycling location.

If you can’t find a location that can recycle your paint, you could look for organizations that might use it. For example, an elementary school may want it for an art project, a non-profit may use it for building maintenance, or you can try a site like Freecycle.com to see if anyone wants it.

Can Paint Go out with Household Trash?

If you have a partial can of latex paint and you can’t figure out anything else to do with it, most waste disposal companies will allow you to put it out with the household garbage, as long as it is dry.

A small amount of paint can be dried just by leaving the can in the sun with the lid off. If you have a more significant amount, dump some kitty litter into the can to cause it to harden faster.

How to Store Paint for Later Use

Latex paint can be stored for numerous years if it is sealed well. First, use a plastic bag or a piece of cling wrap to cover the can. If the paint level is lower in the can, push the plastic film downwards so there is less air space for the paint to evaporate into. Then, firmly hammer the lid in place, and clearly label the can so you know what room the paint is for.

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