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Can I Paint My Popcorn Ceiling?

Many building materials and design trends came and went in the last century, but few of them had as long reign as the popcorn ceiling. Designed to absorb sound (so rooms sound less boxy) and to hide flaws and dirt, they seemed to make sense at the time. Like many “great” ideas, however, this one had a flaw: popcorn ceilings are nearly impossible to clean, and eventually they all look dingy and outdated. What can you do about this? Can popcorn ceilings be painted?

Painting Popcorn Ceilings

Painting a popcorn ceiling is a good way to improve the look (and sometimes even the smell) of a room. If you begin with a stain-blocking primer, you can cover water stains and encapsulate unpleasant odors, and you can refresh the whole look of an older room.

If you want to paint your popcorn ceiling, make sure you thoroughly protect all the other surfaces in the room using plastic, tarps, and painter’s tape. Use a flat, interior latex paint, and apply it with a thick roller (one with extra “nap” for rough surfaces).

It is important to remember that if the textured ceiling was not applied properly when installed it may not have ample adhesion and the rewetting when painting may cause it to fail. This can be prevented with the application of the proper primer.

Is There a Better Option for Popcorn Ceilings?

At Southington Painting, we want you to know you have the option to remove the popcorn texture from the ceiling. There are several reasons we suggest this:

  • The popcorn look is outdated, and most homeowners now prefer a smooth ceiling
  • A smooth ceiling gives you more options for paint colors and sheens
  • Texture applied prior to 1978 may contain asbestos,, This can be determined by having a test done by a certified testing company. You have two options if asbestos is found it can be removed from your home by a remediation company or encapsulated by a painting company.
  • Smooth ceilings are easier to clean and repaint than a textured ceiling

The removal process is messy and time-consuming, and after the texture is removed, the ceiling usually requires some patching and repair before it is smooth enough to be painted. The transformation this brings in a room, however, is worth the investment!

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