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Can I Paint a Rental House or Apartment?

In our mobile society, many people prefer to rent until they find that ideal job and neighborhood where they want to settle down for good. This leaves lots of us living in rental homes or apartments that we don’t love, but rather put up with, waiting for that future dream. Does it have to be that way? Or can you paint a rented house or apartment so that it suits your tastes?

It’s All Up to the Landlord

Your landlord is the property owner, so it is up to him or her to decide whether you can change the paint colors. In many cases, as long as you agree to repaint the walls to their original color before you move out, the landlord will permit you to personalize them with paint.

Some landlords stipulate that you may only paint the rental home if you hire a professional. While this might seem unreasonably strict at first, consider the costs to the landlord if a do-it-yourself tenant does a bad job:

  • Paint spills on the carpet or flooring
  • Paint splatters on door handles and light fixtures
  • Drips and splotches on the walls that can’t be simply covered with the next coat of paint

Is It Worth It to Paint an Apartment or Rental Home?

If you are planning to live in this rental for a substantial time period, such as a year or more, it is worth doing what you can to make it a pleasant dwelling place. Why live with drab, generic whites when you could choose the colors you surround yourself with?

Assuming your landlord is agreeable to this, have your walls painted early in your tenancy, so you can get maximum enjoyment from the change. Even if your landlord would permit you to do the interior painting yourself, consider hiring a professional. This will save you time and effort, and it will give you superior results to savor when they are done! Finally, hiring a professional painter removes the risk of getting paint on the wrong surfaces, which could cause you to lose your deposit.

Other Tips for Painting a Rental House or Apartment

One way you might be able to paint the rental home without needing to paint it back to the original color upon leaving is if you get the color cleared by the landlord first. If it is an attractive color that is generally agreeable (tan, beige, gray, etc.), the landlord might welcome the improvement!

If you are going to paint the walls, first find out from the landlord what paint brand and color were previously used. That way, you know exactly what to put on the walls again before you move out.

Bold paint colors can be harder to cover up, so consider that as you decide on your wall colors. For example, a crimson or a navy blue wall might need a couple coats of primer before you apply the topcoat, otherwise your old color will show through the repainted wall.

Southington Painting

Do you live in a rental house or apartment that you would like to have painted? If so, Southington Painting would love to help! Our professional interior painters can transform your space quickly and expertly, with lovely results. We offer premium quality painting services at a reasonable price, whether it is interior painting, cabinet painting, exterior painting, drywall repair, wallpaper services, or wood staining.

Call our office or use our online scheduling tool (below) to arrange a free, no pressure estimate for painting your rented home or apartment.

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