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Can I Get Exterior Touch-up Painting, or Do I Have to Paint My Whole House?

Owning a home is a wonderful thing, but it can be a challenge to wisely manage the maintenance and improvements. Exterior paint is a good example of this. More than just a cosmetic treatment, your paint actually provides a vital layer of protection against moisture, mold, dry-rot, and destructive insects. When their paint begins to look worn, our clients often wonder if they can get exterior touch-up painting, or if they must get the whole house painted.

The easiest way to find out is to have a professional house painter examine the condition of your exterior paint and give you an assessment and estimate. At Southington Painting, we are always happy to provide a free exterior painting estimate, so you can make an informed decision.

However, we would also like to provide you with some helpful information here, so you can understand the factors and form your own conclusions.

Three Levels of Exterior House Painting

When exterior paint is beginning to show its age, there are three levels of remediation.

  • Spot treating trouble areas
  • Painting a whole wall
  • Complete exterior repaint

Spot Treating Your Exterior Paint

Spot treating is the quickest and least expensive type of exterior touch-up painting. This can be done to repair small areas where the exterior paint has been damaged or has begun to fail. By treating just the affected areas, you can keep your cost quite low, while safely delaying the need for a complete exterior repaint.

The limitation with spot treating is that it can be difficult to get an exact color match. Even if you have the same paint color and brand, or even if you are using the leftovers of the very same can of paint, the spot-treated areas will often be visible. This is because the rest of the wall has been exposed to sun, wind and rain, causing variations in the color and sheen.

Because of this, spot treating as a method of exterior touch-up painting is only advisable in a limited number of situations:

  • When the rest of the paint on the wall is not too old or weathered
  • When the touch-ups are in an inconspicuous location
  • When the spots need urgent attention, but your schedule or budget don’t allow for full treatment.

Painting a Whole Exterior Wall

For many homeowners, the best option for touch-up is to paint one or two exterior walls. This plan offers a significant cost savings compared to painting the whole house, but it provides more pleasing results than spot-treatment.

If you paint a whole wall, the new paint meets up with the existing paint at corners and seams, where the transition will not be visible. In this way, trouble spots are effectively remediated, and the whole house looks better!

Painting one exterior wall is a great option when the prevailing wind or dominant sun exposure causes the paint to age more quickly on one part of the house than on the others.

Complete Exterior Repainting

There are times when touch-up painting will not deliver the results you hope for, and complete exterior repainting is the best solution for your home. While it might feel a bit intimidating, exterior painting is an exciting process and a great investment in your home!

If there are widespread signs of wear or aging on the paint all around your home, it is best to paint the whole thing before it becomes widespread paint failure. A new coat of paint in this early stage is far easier (and less expensive) than the remediation process if the paint has begun to fail.

Additionally, when you paint your whole house exterior, you can choose new colors and design ideas. This brings new freshness and energy to the whole house, and renews your sense of pride and ownership of the home!

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