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Can I Get Custom Paint to Match Any Color?

“Is it possible to get interior paint that matches the border on this pillow?”

“I saw this blue in an Instagram photo; can I get a gallon of it?”

“I love this color, but I want a different brand of paint. Can you match it?”

Inspiration for paint colors can come from all kinds of sources, and most of those sources don’t come with precise mixing formulas. That is why so many people want to know if they can get custom house paint to match any color. Good news! Color matching technology has existed for quite a number of years, and as technology improves, the possibilities are better than ever!

How to Get a Custom-Matched Paint Color

Typically, the way to get a custom-matched paint color is by bringing a sample of that color to the store that mixes the paint. At the store, the experts have color analysis tools that will scan your sample and create a formula to recreate that same hue. Even if that specific color does not exist in the brand you want, it can be custom-mixed with great accuracy.

The most common types of color samples would include the following:

  • Printed material, such as magazine or brochure photos
  • Pieces of fabric or clothing
  • A chip of paint removed from a wall
  • Color sample cards from other paint brands

If your color inspiration is not portable, can you still get it matched? For example, what if it is on an ornate vase, a large area rug, or a work of art on the wall?

One option in a situation like this is to bring a paint color deck into your home (or wherever the color source is), and browse through all the color variations until you find one that matches your color inspiration.

Some paint companies even offer the ability to match colors through an app on your phone. This allows you to snap a picture of any object, or to use a picture you find online, and get a house paint color that matches anything in the photo!

Cautions with Custom Color Paint Matching

Paint sheen is the reflectiveness of the paint, or the degree to which it absorbs or reflects light. Even when you get an exact match of a paint color, the sheen could look different than you expect. For example, a paint color taken from a piece of glossy pottery will not look quite the same on a wall with a Satin or Semi-gloss sheen.

Also, we need to remember that every room and every home is different, and the visual dynamics of your space will affect the way a paint color looks. The lighting, the spatial orientation, the other colors in the home, the size of the wall… these things can cause subtle changes in how we perceive paint colors.

Finally, custom-matched paint can not usually be used for small touch-up spots on a wall. No matter how exact the color match, the touched up spot will almost always be noticeable, with a subtle variation in hue, sheen, or texture. In fact, even if you save the leftover paint from a project and use it months later to touch up the same walls, this same problem will often occur. Instead of trying to touch up just a problem spot, it is a better idea to repaint the whole wall.

Your Best Paint Color Resource Is Your House Painting Company

When you want a custom paint color for your home, the best expert to work with is your local house painting contractor. They have access to a variety of custom color matching tools, and, unlike an employee in a paint store, they can come into your home to help you consider the lighting and spatial dynamics that will impact the way the color appears. In fact, many painting companies will even paint some samples right on the walls, so you can see exactly how they will look in your home!

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